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Nope. She's gone

Still no sign of the cat.

There's a little food out, a cushion cover I don't mind losing and a box. I've spoken to the local busibodies, kids and the dog walkers. There's signs up in the park.

I've walked miles today searching the park and the trees; all the places I can think of.

When I get the energy I'm going to sprinkle some of her litter on the grass outside.

I'm exhausted, not eating, and still catless.


I'm so sorry to hear about your Cat love. He may still reappear, you never know. Have you thought of putting out flyer's in the surounding area?

Yep, did that. I'm hoping a dog walker will find her, there's a lot of those around here.

:( *thinks hopeful thoughts*

Eat something, at least!! And have a strong cup of something caffeinated. When she comes back pepped-up from her adventure you'll need the strength.

I can never eat when I'm upset. I'm trying to drink though.

I do get her back, I'm sure still disappear under the bed for a couple of days.

Crap. Have you tried phoning around all the local vets in case someone has taken her in?

I really hope she turns up soon.

I've called Petlog, the vets are next. There's a surgery really close.

So sorry to hear that. Cats are very resilient but you must be so worried. Many hugs.

I know they are but she's not as strong as normal cats, which makes the worry more acute.

So sorry you're still catless. Signs can help muchly. Our neighbors had lost their cat for two days when someone called them to say that he was in their home , they just had seen the sign on a bench. :hugs:

The bench idea is a good one. I've put the signs on the dustbins so far, but not everyone will use them.

Come home, kitty! Your mama misses you.


*hugs* I'm so sorry.

I really hope you find her soon.


I'll cross my fingers for her safe return

I'm so sorry you've still had no luck. Everything crossed that she'll be safely indoors again very soon.


Thank you. If we don't find in the next few hours, I really don't think it bodes well for her.

I'm so sorry to hear she hasn't come back yet! We had this happen once with one of our indoor-only cats and she ended up being gone for three nerve-wracking days. I have no idea where she was during that time, but she never even tried to get outside again.

Very clever idea, spreading around some of her litter... hopefully that will make it smell like home!

*keeping my fingers crossed*

Thanks. It's how close the fox was that worries me. It was about five times her size!

I've done all I can I just have to wait for her. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow (the way things are I might not be fit to).

I got the litter idea from a lost cats website, so I can't claim it.

Sometimes cats can't be found unless they're ready to be found.

Sending more good vibes along to both of you.

I hope so. I hope she isn't hurt.

Oh yes, a very worrying time. I hope she shows up soon.

So do I, I don't know if I can take more of this emotionally.

I'm hoping for the best and sending good thoughts.

Dear Bogwitch,

Our Minka lived indoors (in Meerbsuch, near Dusseldorf) for 13 years, then we moved to Grabenstaett, we were three months there and on New Year Eve she run off because of fireworks, she had never been outside - just like you I nearly went mad - but - she came back after 10 hours. After her "outing" she decided that was so nice from now on I am going out and she did. We have a ground floor flat. Here people who live on the first floor have little ladders for their cats. I will take a photo so you can see what they look like and when she comes back home maybe someone could build you a little ladder. Minka died when she was nearly 19 years old.

The ladder is a nice idea, but her disability means she's not meant to go out (it's in the terms of her adoption), thus much of the worry, if she was normal cat (and the fox issue wasn't involved) I wouldn't be so worried.

I am so sorry she's not back yet. When my little guy disappeared last year he was gone for four days -- and everyone felt compelled to tell me about the coyote sightings in the area. I was actually pretty sure he was dead and was giving up when he suddenly showed up on the doorstep quite pleased with himself. I don't know if he'd gotten trapped in someone's garage or garden shed or something, or just lost, or what.

I learned a lot of helpful tips though about how to look. One is the smell factor -- is there a way for you to hang some dirty laundry near the window or a railing or something? The scent might help her find her way back if she's lost. I also wore a sweaty gross t-shirt everytime I went out calling for him and walked veeeery slowly. I carried treat bags sometimes and shook those since that smell was so strong that I figured if he was injured, it might help bring him out of hiding.

Another thing is a bit more ... uh... disgusting and some people blanch at the idea, but if you can get a spray bottle or something like that, and spread some of your own urine around in a trail leading back to the building, it can help them scent you and find their way home. Since Blues was always in the bathroom with me, this one made a lot of sense to me and I told the person who told me this trick that if it would bring him home, I'd pull down my jeans and pee in the intersection. I know it sounds very dodgy and all, but it at least gave me something concrete to do, and I do often wonder if it's what helped him get back to me.

I wish you the best of luck.

Well, I actually saw this fox 6ft away from her and it was much bigger than her. Problem is I don't have a doorstep for her to go back to.

I might try the laundry trick, not so sure about the pee, but it's a good idea if I could find the right container.

I have at least spread some of her litter outside the building so she knows which one is home.

that's miserable, cariad, good wishes on getting her? back

Thanks, I'm finding losing her very traumatic.

I'm so sad this happened. I wish so much that she will return to you. It... sort of makes me want to fly over and help you search, haha. I just really want her to come back.

Lots of love and good thoughts. ♥

Thank you, I doubt it'd help though. I think she's gone. I hope I'm wrong.

Oh, God. I am SO sorry, sweetie. I hope she wanders home soon.

I don't know what I would do if my Bustopher went walkabouts, he's also an indoor kitty.

I'll be thinking of you. ♥

If she was a tougher cat, I'd feel better, but she's just not very able.

The litter-spread is a good idea, and it sounds like you've done an excellent job at alerting the neighborhood! It's now just a matter of waiting and watching -- which is miserable, I know; it's hard to eat or sleep or concentrate, and you've got a knot in your stomach the size of a soccer ball -- but I've still got a feeling that she's either holed up somewhere in the area, or someone's taken her in. I think you would have heard a screeching ruckus if the fox had nabbed her.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both!

I've just started eating again, but I can't say food appeals to me much.

I have a suspicion about a nearby area that's a fenced off open drain, but it's impossible to search. I think I'm very reliant on other people finding her, I don't think she'll get home herself.

Thinking good cat thoughts!

Thanks. I need them all.

Sending good kitty-safe-finding thoughts.

I'm so sorry to hear this. With all the replies you've had, you've probably been given any of the advice and good wishes I could think of, so I'll just send my prayers, and hope she's already home when you read this.

Nope. She's still gone. Her third night out is drawing in again too. We've looked everywhere. It's not looking good, I don;t think she's a survivor.


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