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Missing Cat

I think I've lost my cat. And it's my fault.

I've just spent the last hour searching. She's an indoor cat but she likes looking out of the window. Because she's wobbly on her legs and I live in a first (i.e. not ground) floor flat I have a grill that fits across the window when it's open. Tonight I forgot to fit the grill. I was woken my the sound of a fox barking and there she is sitting on the grass below my window. I get my clothes on and rush down there and she's gone. I can't find her anywhere and there's at least two foxes out there.

She's shy and never been outside. I'm worried sick.

I need sleep so much, but she's out there and lost and might be injured.


Oh I hope she comes back I hope all that stuff about animal's sense of home and direction holds true for your cat.

Fingers crossed and good vibes sent your way

Thanks. I hope you're right, she's not the brightest though.

Oh, no! I hope you find her safe and sound.

Oh God, I hope she comes back.

I have my fingers crossed.

Even indoor cats have a big reserve of instinct for outdoor living. She may decide to go wandering for tonight, but I bet she comes back when she starts to feel hungry.

I don't know a huge amount about fox behavior, but I've also never heard of foxes killing cats.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your baby.

Thanks. While all that's what's caused her getting out the window, it's the 12ft fall and the foxes that worry me. These foxes were barking at her and there was at least two, maybe three.

Oh no! I hope she shows up soon. I know how awful it is when they slip out and vanish.


Thanks. She isn't the first lost cat I've had to look for, but she's the least streetwise. I think she'll hide and won't come out, but now we've searched the obvious places nearby, there's an awful lot bushes and things further on she could have been chased to.

Oh, hon. I hope she shows up soon, and is just enjoying a bit of the outside. And as Elsa says, she'll probably run straight home as soon as she gets hungry.

Trouble is there's no way back in.

Try setting out a box near the place you last saw her, with a blanket or something similar from inside the house that has your scent and hers on it. Turn the box on its side like a cat carrier, with a hole cut in each end so that she'll have an escape route if a dog or fox tries to shove its head in. Put dry cat food and a bowl of water right outside the box. When cats are frightened they'll duck into the first hiding place they can find, and will often stay there for a couple of days before venturing out, so she may well be underneath your house or under some nearby building. If she gets a whiff of the food you set out, and of the blanket, she may decide to hole up inside the box.

Has she been de-clawed? If not, that's good, because she'll likely be able to run up a tree to safety if anything chases her. (In fact, check up in the trees and on the roofs of nearby buildings -- she may have already headed up!)

I'll definitely consider the box idea seeing as there is no access to get back inside. I hope she hasn't been chased too far away to be able to get back.

She's not de-clawed as it's illegal here. I looked up the trees but nothing. There are some walls she could have gone over, but I highly doubt it. She doesn't have that control over herself to do that, but I might be wrong.

I'm sending good thoughts she comes back to you safely. ♥

I was woken my the sound of a fox barking and there she is sitting the grass below my window. I get my clothes on and rush down there and she's gone. I can't find her anyhere and there's at least two foxes out there.

I doubt that they nabbed her during the few minutes it took you to get dressed and run outside, because you probably would have heard her screeching if a fox had actually caught her. More likely, she was simply startled by their barking and darted off into the first hiding place she could find.

That's what I'm hoping, but there were out there all night.

I'm so sorry for the fear and anxiety you must be feeling. I hope you find her safe and sound.

Thanks. This hae been very stressful and still no cat.

:( Can you leave some food near the door? If she gets hungry enough she might come to the smell.

So will foxes and hedgehogs, though.

I've been there with my two and it's impossible to sleep, but honestly they're so good at finding their way back ::hugs you tight::

I think I'm having a panic attack too, which doesn't help.

So sorry. Maybe she'll come back. When I was a teen we once moved and my cat jumped out the window and was gone two days, but she arrived back one night safe and sound. ::fingers crossed::

We've had another cat that did that. The worry is that because she's doesn't go out and I live upstairs, there's no direct outdoor access, she won't have a 'home' to go back to.

Poor kitty, and poor you. I hope she comes back soon.

Sad news, I hope you find her when it gets lighter, and she is OK!

I've spent an hour looking around the park and talking to the dog walkers, nothing.

Oh no! I hope she turns up!! Will keep everything crossed that she hasn't strayed far.

I'm hoping she's hiding somewhere, but I've looked everywhere.

OMG you must be so frantic! What a nightmare.

I was so bloody paranoid when I first started letting my cat out and she began to wander out of sight. I'd be stood there calling, shaking boxes of cat biscuits in hopes the sound would entice her back, waving jingly toys around (ditto - that one actually became like a dinner bell for her; I'd shake the jingly ball and she'd come running). She was (and is) shy of both people and other cats, petrified of cars (won't even go near the front door for fear of seeing cars on the road) and I was always afraid that something would happen to her, she'd get lost or hurt somehow.

She always came home in the end, though, alive and well and very pleased with herself because for all her fears and phobias she loves to explore. I'm sure it will be the same for you. Her desire to experience and explore the great outdoors has got the better of her, but she has been with you more than long enough to know where her home is and will make her way back again once she has had enough, gets tired and hungry and starts to miss her creature comforts.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you both.

She's had a 12ft fall on top of that remember. Luckily, it's onto grass but I have no idea if she was injured.

She has no way back in either. Plus there are a lot of dog walkers about.

Oh no! I hope you find her soon and she's fine. If it helps, a grown cat can usually see off a fox without too much trouble, even a slightly wobbly one.

How about two or three foxes?

*finger crossed that everything turns back okay*

Oh, hon. *says prayer for you and your kitty*

One good sign is that when you got downstairs the foxes were still there. If they'd grabbed your kitty, wouldn't they have been gone?


That's a thought, but doesn't mean they didn't get her later.

I'm sorry about the stress and worry you're going through.

If she's hurt she'll probably be hiding under a bush somewhere. But a twelve-foot fall is much less of a problem for a cat, even a doddery one, than for a human. If you saw her sitting on the ground below she's probably OK. Foxes don't hunt in packs and urban foxes are much more inclined to be scavengers than predators - a full-grown cat looks like way too much of a challenge for most foxes to take on.

I hope you find her soon.


She not quite full grown, she's 14 months, but big enough I suppose, although she's wimpy little thing. The fox was big though and definitely interested in her. At the very least I think she's been chased somewhere, but there are a lot of bushes in this big park!

I'm making some posters to put up. Hopefully a dog walker will have some luck.

Sending massive good vibes your way - and hers.

Thank you. It's not looking good.

That's awful. I so hope you found her.

Oh no! That's really scary - good luck, I hope you find her. :/ *crosses fingers*

I always heard that smaller was better for falling (which is why mice can fall ten storeys and be fine) so hopefully she was OK after the fall and just spooked by the foxes. If not food, then the suggestion to put something that smells like hers near home sounds a good one, just to help her find her way home. Maybe in other strategic places too? I don't know if that would work, or how much stuff you have that wouldn't be in danger of getting nicked, but if she can't find her way home I don't know whether she'd go for somewhere that smelled more like it.

Haven't so far.

The fall looks survivable, it's a long drop but it's onto grass. There was no blood at least. I just hope she was chased somewhere. I'm going to put a cushion cover out for her. Hopefully no one will move it, it's all so public out there (which is good because there's lots of people to look, but bad because they'll scare her off).


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