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I'm having a really rubbish day.

And there's still most of it left to go! :(


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*hugs* keepy smiling lovely.

Having a not!so pleasant! day too. I hope the rest of yours doesn't suck as much as the beginning.

Here for a bit of cheering up . ;)

Thanks much better. I hope yours improved too.

It did get slightly better,thanks.

Boo!! Hope it improves soon.

(My day refuses to get started, stupid self who has things to do.)

Sounds like it's you who refused to start.

It did get a little better, well evened out.

I got going eventually! But I also managed to burn my finger and potentially acquire an illness. Blergh...

I suppose that's better than descending into the fiery pits of awful, but not much. :( What made it start so badly?

(The opening of my seasonal_spuffy fic is trying to kill me.)

(Hit it with something that should subdue it)

Sounds like a managed to shove the bad karma on to you. For details see new post.

(What's that song-lyric, "every day I write the book"? It was a popular fic title at one time... One day the three paragraphs are going to sound good, dammit.)

September better bloody start picking up soon.

(I hate it when an opening won't take a decent shape. It throws me right off my game).

I can't believe it's September already. I'm still back in August...

(It's so annoying, because I think the rest of it has a good shape now, but I need that exposition to get everyone on the same page and it's not quite slick enough.)

It seems kind of pathetic that Summer was just those two weeks in May again. It's not my favourite season by any stretch, but wearing tights and jumpers the whole time makes them kind of boring now Autumn's back.

(Exposition, it's a tricky beast)

I think those two weeks were in June, because that's when I was in Canada. Autumn is the best.

There was definitely a sneaky couple of days near the end of April/beginning of May, because we all sat outside on the grass. But in any case, hooray for the coming scarf-weather!

It so hard to be pale and interesting when you have to dodge getting any sort of tan.

*nods* /Burning to a cinder. It was interesting in France - for the first time ever the sun seemed to be at the optimal intensity not to burn me when it came out. Turns out I do freckle after all. I was chuffed for all of two days before the novelty wore off.

If it's not burning me, then the sun is giving me heatstroke. Iceland seems the perfect place for a Summer holiday for me.

Don't you get the it's-never-dark issue?

There's curtains for that.

Sorry to hear that - I hope your day picks up soon :)

Hopefully it's just the universe setting me up for a good day.

Suck. And *hugs* I hope it gets better.

::hugs:: I'm so sorry. Here's to better days.

There's less of it to go now. Hope it improved since you posted.

:( So sorry. Also, if by the comment you left on my LJ you meant you think you have RSI, get physio asap.

I probably should. It's mainly the index and middle fingers of my right hand. Plus my wrist. And my arm...

Sounds like carpal tunnel to me.

Please don't ignore it. It can only get worse if you do. :(

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