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Fic: And Lucifer Brought the Light (Supernatural)

Erm. This is another prompt fic, but one that went slightly wrong.

gehayi prompted me with: Buffy/Supernatural crossover. Someone from the Buffyverse has to prevent or DOES prevent Lucifer being freed. I wrote a draft, but I didn't like it and started again, only this time the Buffy element didn't fit (it's a bit of a squeeze as it is). This pure Supernatural fic was the result. I am therefore going to give the original draft another go sometime, with the Buffyverse character.


Title: And Lucifer Brought the Light
Author: Bogwitch
Wordcount: 1062
Characters: Dean, Sam, Lucifer.
Summary: A post-4.22 tag. The war was about to begin
Author's Note: Spoilers for Lucifer Rising, carries on as that one ends.

It was too late. He was coming.

Light as pain. Light as beauty. Light as darkness opposed. Light so intense it was impossible to see anymore as it burst from column to supernova, gaining intensity as it grew from the spark of the firefly to the blazing heart of a newborn star. Yet this was not a light that offered warmth or comfort, it was cold with the piercing chill of the void. An absolute, this was light in extremity, caught in its purest form, divine and otherworldly; obeying other rules beyond physics or reality, and too refined and too perfect for mortal man to endure.

Still Sam refused to go, to leave before that which was banished walked free again, unable to move or just needing to see what he had wrought. So Dean closed his eyes and covered them as best he could, hoping like hell that through Sam’s shocked numbness, he still had the sense to do the same. Overwhelmed and sightless, there was little assistance that Dean could offer if Sam could no longer think for himself. Instead, Dean did all that he could do, clinging to his brother in case the light would somehow swallow Sam whole; like Ruby’s lies; like Lilith’s plans; like Azazel’s toxic blood. He held on, admitting that he needed the contact just as much; a touch of reassurance that ensured that his brother was still there, still human – sort of.

Still Sam.

They were lost. But if Sam went, Dean would too. The light drowned the room, flooding it until they were nowhere; the stone chapel left behind them some where or some when in the weft of place and time. Sam trembled, sobbing maybe, duped, all that he had brought upon the world just too much to bear. Crumpling, Sam could hold on no more and Dean felt him fall, but although Sam’s body jerked away as it collapsed, Dean tightly wound the fabric of Sam’s jacket into his fingers, re-bunching them in his fist. He would not let Sam go. Would not let Sam break as he had. Not again. Not ever again.

Then it was over. The light was gone… just gone. Replaced with the thready streams of dusty moonlight that meant reality had returned. Hard, gritty stone was back under his hands and knees, scuffing Dean’s knuckles and the denim of his jeans. Back on firmer ground, he tried to open his eyes again, but he saw nothing, not even his own hand in front of him; a galaxy worth of light still seared into his retinas. The hard muscle of Sam’s chest was still there though, a firm and comfortingly solid anchor, a constant. For a moment Dean indulged in the solace of relief. They had stayed together. For now at least.

Vision cleared and Dean looked up. He couldn’t help it, although he feared to see what had been released, he faced it anyway. Lucifer had risen. An angel truly fallen this time, one that hated man, not loved them too much. Even as he dreaded the truth and half expected to see his own darkness reflected back from the eyes of the Lightbringer, Dean wanted to see the face of this devil that he had been chosen to conquer.

To spit in his eye if he dared.

At the centre of the circle Lucifer stood stiff and straight, the blood pooling by his feet streaming and fizzing as it evaporated away. He was tall, delicate and as beautiful as he was terrifying. A statue craved from flesh and bone; emotionless, blank, bittersweet. He stared at the corpses impassively; at Lilith’s stolen meat bled out; at Ruby’s staring sightlessly into death’s abyss; then Sam for a long moment, appraising him with eyes that saw too much, taking all but offering nothing with return.

More than anything right then Dean wanted to pull Sam away, to get in the car and to drive them as far from the cursed chapel as he could. Let the comfort of the road choose the direction of their escape, as if they could ever hope to drive far enough. Lucifer’s attention on his brother was sickening, too personal, too… satisfied, thankful, but Dean was frozen in place, awed and humbled together, revolted, his body unable to follow his mind’s decree to move, to run, to get away.

The fallen angel reached out then and solemnly cupped Sam’s face in gentle hands. A soft thumb brushed Sam’s tears away and shushed him calm. Sam was his now; his liberator, his rescuer, his saviour, and when Sam looked up into his beautiful face, he was mesmerised, smitten.

“No,” Dean forced out, shaking his brother, all the time his skin crawling, his voice strained from shouting, and with some kind of relief for Sam when Lucifer turned those penetrating eyes away from Sam to fall on him.

It was a stare that Dean could feel reading his tarnished and tattered soul; and for the first time he was an open book, large print even, everything bare and gaping and exposed. He could feel this angel searching inside, scraping out every detail he wanted to know, every forsaken thing that Dean had buried deep inside was unearthed, examined and inspected. He could soon feel how he was found wanting, the loathing clear when he met those hateful eyes. Lucifer hated goodness and humanity and the whiff of righteousness that had crawled away to hide from the horrors of Hell. He hated all of it. He hated Dean. And he knew, knew it was Dean that was charged with finishing this, him. And he hated that too.

And then Lucifer smiled, in a knowing way that was not in the least afraid; not of Dean, certainly not of Sam, and Dean wanted more than anything to punch away the approval he saw there and the way Lucifer saw no threat in him at all, but his hand stayed clenched in Sam’s jacket. He wouldn’t let go, not now, they were together or nothing and Lucifer should know it.

The smile faded. Sam fell back gasping as those slender, elegant hands released him. Lucifer nodded. He had no need of speech, of something as simple as words, his eyes said all he needed to say: until next time.

Lucifer walked away. The war was about to begin.


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Wow! That was absolutely captivating! Nice job!

It wasn't last night, that I can tell you.

Ah, but the versions people never see don't matter. That's what I keep telling myself about my big bang anyway. LOL!

Ah, but you might see it. I have to fulfill the prompt!

Hehe! I'm sure it will be good. Have recced this one btw. I liked it a lot :)

Thanks, it's a lot lighter than this version, with Dean making crap jokes.

Whee! I might get two readers!

I love Dean and his crap jokes!

Bet you get more than two readers

Wouldn't be the first time. I'll post it to spn_gen tomorrow and see.

Okay. You win. It was four.

I'm not see I'm seeing the yay at the minute.

This is awesome! Very well written! Love the description of Lucifer.

Thank you! I tried to keep the description vague as possible.

Excellent! You DEFINITELY should not redo this. I especially love your description of Lucifer, and Dean's defiance.

And of course, now I want to know what happens next.

Not sre I'm up for starting an epic just yet.

So you're not interested in the comedy version which Dean making jokes about Kevin Costner?

I like this! Even though, you know, there's no buttsex. It feels true, I think.

The lack of buttsex is a definite mistake I think. That's why only 4 people have read it.

It's funny because it's true!

How are you? Summer treating you well over there?

I've been sitting here wondering what I did to make it so unappealling.

Summer? Summer's gone. We're into the rainy season.

I honestly really like it! I can't speak for the gen crowd because I so rarely read it, but as an experiment, you can write some slash and see what comes to be. Hahahaha! Sorry.

Well I hope your week of sunshine was nice, anyway.

Thanks. I'm licking my wounds here! I thought it was decent enough. I wasn't expecting floods of feedback, but after posting in two big communities and FFN, I thought I might have got some.

I wouldn't know where to even start with the slash, even if I was so inclined.

The week scared me actually. August temps in June? Why isn't anyone else terrified by that?

It might just be the word count! I know a lot of people read and are pleased with shorter pieces but when you don't know the author it feels harder to tell them so. Do you know what I mean? In a sense, a lengthier word count might instill a faux sense of familiarity and comfortability with an author, at times. It does for me, anyway!

Oh, in an imaginary world in which you were inclined, you would so! It's the same as writing a het pairing, really. You are good at motivations and it's no different with slash.

I've heard from a lot of people in the States and Canada that they are having particularly mellow summers! AND YES, YES, YES! Just this once Seattle got the heatwave. I am pleased! The rest of my city is... not. OBVIOUSLY SPN HAS FORETOLD THE FUTURE. THE APOCALYPSE IS NIGH!

It does?

Ah, but I'm not terribly inclined to write het pairings either, despite the evidence. I only wrote Spike/Buffy in the first place because I was livid at fall_for_spike's anti-spuffy policy, I was going to write them an Illyria fic.

It's a shame I'm no good with my own motivation.

You can keep the heatwave. I hate summer. I'm happy enough at 75 thanks. Seriously though, I am positive we are facing an apocalypse. I don't see a lot of people caring though.

omg i rly liek this (tho i dont no wat is appening)

Now I know you're fibbing.

And stop messing up my fic comments stats! You'll ruin my very OCD spreadsheet.

Now I have to decide whether I have to include this one or not (probably not).


/r u sayin u dont liek my comment??

I would if I knew you meant it.

teh imgs r pretty, tho there seems alot of laydee death??

Read the warnings you twit.

They're all in SPN-ese!!

You know the answer to that: learn it!

Aaaargh, I didn't read this because I don't read Wincest, and I think every Supernatural fic is that. Having said that, I'm glad you brought it up in your post today, because this was marvelous and I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner! I can totally see the S5 premiere being something very similar to this if they have balls enough to actually bring Lucifer forth.

As if I would ever dream of writing wincest!!!!!!!! Or any slash.

Actually SPN has quite a lot of Gen fic, They seem far more inclined to write it than Buffy fans. Slash (and RPS) is still very much king though.

Thanks for taking the chance!

When I was at Writercon, I was trying to keep my ears open for recommended gen Supernatural fic. I did get a rec for a light wincest which I'm going to read, but that's because they're the last two people on Earth. I think I can handle that because it's a long, plot-driven story.

You need spngenficrec!

I could rec you a few things. I'd have to organise myself first though.

Oh, cool. Thanks! It looks like SGA (well, McShep SGA, which is pretty much all I read) is drying up a bit - at least until all the big challenge fests come out - so I'm desperate for some good fic.

A good place to start is big_pink. Some of the best fic I have ever read in any fandom.

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