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WHY, OH WHY????????????????

You know, all I want is a pair of non-sexy PJs that are my voluptuous size and AREN'T EFFING PINK (or any other foul pastel colour (or white), but especially pink), TRIMMED WITH PINK or stamped with a picture of a cute cartoon animal (Sanrio not included, as Hello Kitty would be acceptable). Why is this so EFFING IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

I'm not even asking for ones with skulls or pentagrams on (which would be perfect but only exist in my dreams). Just plain black would do!


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Look in the men's section. Womens pj are usually the pits.

*nods* Gap Body occasionally has suitable elements (a top, or a pair of pants; their "sleep shorts" are quite fun sometimes), but if you try to shop for a Set of Women's Pyjamas, and you're excluding the aforementioned criteria, you're mostly out of luck.

Apparent lack of UK website scuppers that.

Hmm. maybe. I'm a bit short though.

A quick flick through Ebay reveals a world of Harley Davidson nightwear. Eep. has non-pink non-sexy PJs in lots of sizes. (they have pink and sexy ones too, though, be warned)

And I got fun jack skellington PJs from here:

The first one has some nice things, but they don't ship to Europe (and are ultra expensive with the exchange rate) alas.

The second one is giving me a headache!

I have a thing for proper red tartan pyjamas (I now own several pairs), but you only ever seem to be able to find them at Christmas. I really don't understand people who make pyjamas... There's a real niche in the marketplace waiting to be exploited and no one's filling it!!

Tartan would involve colour! I might be traumatised!

I'm more of a cobbled together tank top and knickers sort, I tend to thrash and get tangled in nightdresses and PJs but I might have to share a room with my parents so I thought I'd better get something decent.

But you feel like a teddy bear! (I find red a really comforting colour - Freud would have a field day...)

And ah, I see the dilemma. Good luck!!

Especially if you don't shave your legs, I imagine.

Red is one of the two or three colours other than black I'll wear, but only in moderation (i.e. with black), otherwise I don't feel right.

I know what you mean - I don't think I wear quite as much black as you, but to go out without anything back is a bit weird.

I can barely remember an outfit without black.It would have been early teens, I'd imagine. Oh hang on, there was that Miami Vice phase, oh dear.

HEE!! Oh the money I would pay to see that... ;)

Thankfully, there is no photographic record.

cobbled together tank top and knickers sort,

That's me. I've got a collection of camisole tops and a couple of pairs of yoga pants... albeit I usually pull off the pants at time for bed and just sleep in the camisoles.

Exactly. Unless it's cold.

Well, you could always buy designer nightwear...

Or black satin...

Or you could buy two-packs of bottoms and camisole tops, one of each pair coming in black.

I agree, though. Try and find a dressing gown in purple or black, for that matter. In any size.


I was thinking under a tenner. :)

I have dressing gowns in purple and black, but one has a hole in it and is so long I trip over it, and the other is a bit short, but I couldn't find replacements. However, they do have a black, long one at Simply Be at the mo.

The satin ones are very nice actually, but they don't actually say 'staying in the same room as the parents'!

I doubt they'd look like that on me though.

Well, there's a two-pack of a red set and a navy set here, costs around a tenner per pair.

I use cheapo track suits in winter. And I actually found a summer set in a plum colour which fits me in M&S. Several seasons ago, but you have to make stuff last.

Why do they assume adult women need cutesy childish logos on their nightwear? Gah.

I actually have them bookmarked as best of a bad bunch, I just don't like them enough to pay that yet!

I get that.

Peacocks or similar - t-shirt and leggings?

Well, I don't have to buy anything to do that!

That's not too bad in navy, but I'm not sure I want two, I'll only be wearing them on holiday.

Why do they assume that all women like pink (and other pastels, but mostly pink)? It's really winding me up. You can't even get black without one pink somewhere. I loathe pink and a
ll it stands for!

I agree in principle, though I have very occasionally worn pink myself. It's the infantilising of women at the heart of it - hence the "Hello Kitty" crap. Or they use cheap shiny fabric with frills and bows every damn place. It really looks good on anyone who's not a stick insect.

Well, Hello Kitty is a funny one. I collected HK, but I liked it when it was an ironic punk (kinderwhore) thing that you had to buy from specialist shops in Chinatown (and when it came in all sorts of colours). When it hit the high street it became universally pink and lost it's appeal.

(Deleted comment)
Is there an Old Navy in the UK? They would have something like what you're after. They usually have darker colours and non-cute patterns.

Look for separates instead of PJ sets. I wear what they call sleep or lounge pants (pants in the US meaning, not the UK meaning) with comfy t-shirts or tank tops. I can usually find them in plain colors or not-too-hideous patterns.

i.e. Something like this:

Edited at 2009-05-19 10:11 pm (UTC)

It's pretty much what I do, and what I will do, I just fancied a set for a change. This was more of a rant that a call for for help really! :D

Ah, I see. I totally agree with you, though. All the PJ sets I've ever seen are either super-cutesy teen affairs, slinky satiny things, or old lady flannel and lace. I do have a one set of jammies with kitties on them that I love. :-)

I was tempted by an owl one on Ebay, but I didn't get round to bidding.

I usually wear GapBody yoga pants in either black, grey or navy and a t-shirt. They're not exactly pajamas but they're loose and comfy.

Don't they get too hot?

Not really but then I'm pretty cold natured. I wear the yoga pants in the summer because they're lighter and sweats in the winter. The yoga pants are 91% cotton and 9% spandex. (Heh, I just took them off to look.) On the rare occasion that I do get hot I switch out the yoga pants for men's boxers. Fruit of the Loom has some that come in a package of three, are 100% cotton and you can usually pick from assorted colors and patterns (including black). They also have a snap front so no gaping open.

I definitely need to be cold to sleep. I'm too hot at night now and it's only spring! I'd rather just sleep in underwear.

This is going to sound extremely counter-intuitive given the criteria you've listed, but have you tried Soma Intimates or Victoria's Secret ?

Although, I didn't think about the fact that you're in the UK. They may not be available.

Edited at 2009-05-20 02:58 am (UTC)

They're available, but the shipping alone is more than I was looking to pay for the whole lot.

The first ones are hideous, the second aren't bad but that's about three times my budget! And you can't go near fires. :)

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