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I've been sent home!

Not because of the snow (although the majority of the company have been). No, I'm home on the First Aiders advice.

Yep, you guessed it, I'm injured again! Took an impressive dive in the staff car park and now I've got a nice pulled muscle in my hip. Great.

The snow is very pretty though, so I'll let it off.


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Got me out of work though. :)

(Deleted comment)
Ow! The snow is so pretty, from what I've seen in pics.

::hands you hot cup of just-brewed coffee::

Eep! *sends virtual injury-helping-food-of-choice*

It's probably for the best you start dividing your injury posts...

Stay warm , enjoy the sight of snow from behind the window and be comfy sitting on your couch .

That's the best way to enjoy snow, I believe.

Ow! I hope you feel better.

Not yet, but soon Ihope!

Ouch. Poor you. I hope it feels better soon. I prescribe something comforting to eat.

That would be lovely if I had anything in the fridge (or the freezer). Looks like it'll be toast. Again.

Oh, joy. Feel better soon.

Face first into the snow is the only way to go!

*virtual tea and hot soaking bath* So sorry you were hurt but glad you are home safe. {{{{hugs}}}} stay safe and warm.


A bath now there's a idea! I hope I can get out of it again though...

Ouch! Hope it gets better soon!

It won't if I keep tripping over the cat.

Rest with your feet up and wait for better weathet. Hope you feel better soon.

i don't mind the weather, it's the indignity!

I was wondering how you might have fared today...So sorry to hear you were injured again. Get well soon.

I expect it was pretty busy on the green behind your flat; those slopes must have been perfect for tobogganing/skiing today! Hope you and Tegan sat in the window and laughed at everyone falling over.

I'm sore, unbowed.

It was heaving in that park and there are still people out there now. Tegan didn't seem bothered but it intrigued the washing machine repair man.

Ouchie! Perhaps you could lie in the snow in lieu of an icepack? Hope it eases up soon.

What did The Familiar make of the white stuff? Did she even notice?

Perhaps that is what I should have done. A bit public though! This injury isn't in the easiest place to ice unfortunately.

I don't think she noticed, unless it was when I was out. Though she did last time:

Do you have a sueable injuries tag?


No, thankfully.


OH my gosh, take care! Moist heat and lots of Ibuprofen. (((((hugs)))))

Thanks. I have been hitting the pills. I might have a nice bath too, if I can get in (and out) of it.

You are amazingly talented at this sort of thing. Count me impressed. And it was because of the snow in a way, surely?

Get well soon. I prescribe chocolate.

I;m so talented, I didn't even slip on the slippy bit!

Chocolate. Oh yes, had a bit of that.

Ouch. Hope it's all better now.

That snow is pretty all right, but it's a jezebel and she'll send you into a tailspin if she can.

Pretty much. The bath helped a lot.

It's turned the country into a tailspin! I've never seen so much snow, not necessarily depth-wise but day after day of blizzards. That just doesn't happen here. In fact it's snowing again now.

I'm glad I'm home!

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