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Does anyone know what the owls want, or is it just me they're after?


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Owls? What owls would these be?

In my very limited experience, owls usually want mice.

Ever since I saw an animation a couple of weeks ago with some owls in it everytime I go to the shops, I see owls. Even the online shops!

Have you read The Owl Service? Check your attic.

I have read it, I think that's part of the problem!

Don't fight it. I have some lovely owls, wooden and pottery, and they guard me from the others.

I have one too. It's staring at me right now. But what does it want? More friends????

No, it just wants to be where it can keep an eye on you. I keep my lovely painted wooden one on my PC desk.

Ah. Those sorts of owls.

:responds with an eagle icon, because my owl icon is over on Insane Journal:

Maybe I need an owl icon. Perhaps that's what they want.

Oh now I want to make owl icons.

Here's the first one

Nice. Looks like an owl pirate.

Trying entering owl icons in the search box. I bet you find some. You can find almost anything on LJ.

That's the lazy way of doing it, yeah.

The Owl Service is a GREAT book.

It is, though I haven't read it in years.

He wrote another book called Red Shift which I really couldn't understand.

I didn't spend very long reading this class of 'teen' book, so I only read The Owl Service and about three books of The Dark is Rising before moving on to adult books and Anne McCaffery. I should really re-read all of these.

Oh I loved Red Shift

I even went so far as to learn Lewis Caroll's code so I could read the last page... three time zones , past, present and one that could have been either future or past connected by a love story and a stone axe head! Wonderful stuff

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Oh, well , I would love you to tell me what it all meant. I knew there were three different times going at once, but I couldn't figure out what was happening in each case. It was too obscure for me!

I think The Owl Service was my favourite — that wonderful combination of myth being played out, class and racial tension, mystery, unfulfilled romance and how poor Gwyn in the end fell prey to his mother's awful bitterness...

I'm not sure it really meant anything although I did wonder if the boy was a reincarnation of all three boys but it was so wonderfully weird.

I must find it and read it again .

Owl Service was just wonderful though ...Poor Gwyn,!!

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Does anyone know what the owls want

Your soul, clearly. They got bored waiting for you to have sex with Buffy...

Was I ever likely to have sex with Buffy?

I think the owls assumed there was some sort of mystical compulsion involved. They didn't really get why she would sleep with Angel to start with.

PS. That was not to place you as Angel in the weird you-and-Buffy-hypothetical-sex-show. The owls are just generally confused about the whole soul-stealing ritual.

(One day I'll learn how to make a joke...)

Well, nobody's said it so I shall have to - "the owls are not what they seem." I shall feel very stupid if I've got the quote wrong *g*.

Of course if you're thinking of "The Owl Service" they want to be flowers.

I think they want to be on my Christmas tree.

Strangely enough I have got an owl as a Christmas tree ornament so you could well be right.

Them and most other sane people.

The owls want to be in the warm with you.. at least I think that's what the two Little Owls who perch on my bedroon windowsill every night want

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I can't take them all. There's thousands of 'em!

Yikes!! Usually they're pretty territorial and you'll only get one or two to an acre

Maybe you're some kind of owl magnet and they've come to worship you

Well, they are wise old birds...

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