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Yes, I'm now a cat bore.


I've managed to get away while the cat is sleeping. Don't whatever you do wake her up!

Phew, she's is hard work. And she's keeping me from the computer and LJ - which is not good! She's such a pest, I can't wait for her to get a bit older and settle down, but she's cute with it. I could do without the claws in my bum when I sit in the computer chair though!

My parents told me today that they have now accepted her as their grand-daughter, seeing as they aren't likely to have a real one. :)

So, I managed to put together a little picspam. She's still called Tegan, I didn't like the name she gave me much ('Pongo', make of that what you will).

In repose:

Taking over the bed:

Turn that crap off:

Close up taken by my dad:


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Awww... scritches her pretty little head. She has the defiant look of my Miss Pelle - look out!

She loves nose rubs.

I think she's going to be bossy.

She is cute as a button, she's hard to resist.

Aww!!! Look at her cute little face! Those are some stunning pics. They look professional.

The rest of the batch are a bit rubbish, she doesn't sit still for long. My dad always has to go one better though.

Oh she is so cute. Love the one of her hiding her face. *sigh*

Poor thing was just trying to get a decent kip!

Awwww... she's a cutie!!!

And my mom does something similar, although refers to our cats as her "grand-cats." :-)

I think my parents are rather taken with her!

She's adorable. But you knew that.

But not when she's wants attention (and food) at 5am.

Such a pretty kitty! Gorgeous, really.

She is, she has a pretty little gface when it isn't covered in food!


What were you watching when she was on the sofa?

(Deleted comment)
She is!

Poor thing, I just trod on her! (she's okay)

Just to echo everyone else she is very cute :)

She is and she's cuddly too.

She's gorgeous! I'm missing my kitteh. I've been in England for two days and have seen plenty of dogs, but not one single kitteh! Where are the Brit kits? I need a kitteh head to scritch. ::scritches Tegan::

There's plenty around here!

Tegan likes a good scritch.

Wow, she's beautiful. And the one of her lounging comfortably makes me feel irresistably drawn to my sofa. It's like there's a subliminal message in that pic that says "go on, lie down, it's cozy!".

She looks like she will be a bit bossy, I agree with whoever said that. :)

Ahe reminds me a little of my parent's eldest cat, and she's very bossy. I'll have to wait and see!

OH, SHE IS A PRECIOUS FACE!!! Are you going to stick with the name Tegan, then? I sort of like it, anyway.

My parents told me today that they have now accepted her as their grand-daughter, seeing as they aren't likely to have a real one.

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! BEST!

I think I;m keeping Tegan as she's used to it, I'm used to it and she's registered everywhere as it. It's too much hassle to change now!

I'd much rather have a kitten than a baby.

She's adorable! I want to cuddle her!

I cuddled her for you, how's that?

Awww, hiya, Tegan! She is adorable. Looks like she is well and truly settled now.

They are ever so scratchy and demanding at this age! But it passes quickly enough. Poppy is still demanding, mind - she has a habit of curling up in my lap when I'm at the computer and cuddling my arm so I can't type! Then gives me 'I love you' eyes just to stop me moving her...

Yeah, she' settled - mow thw naughtiness has started!

I'm very aware it's not just her age, because as she can't go out she's utterly dependant on me to entertain her.

My parent's cat practically sits on his keyboard when he's working and meows at his boss when their on the phone!

She is so cute! I can see why you're so smitten.

:runs out of cat icons again:

She's so soft and cuddly too!

I'll remember to use a cat icon just for you!

Isn't she a little beauty!

She is and she comes complete with her own set of disapproving expressions too!

I could do without the claws in my bum when I sit in the computer chair though

Oh, I so recognise that - and the claws in the boobs if you sit on the settee and don't make enough fuss of the little bugger.

She is a rather beautiful cat.

I haven't had the claws in boobs just, she's still to learn that one. She certainly has a full set of opinions of what I should be doing!

Yes, I think of that when she's meowing in my ear for food.

She's absolutely adorable!

She definitely is.

Her head is going to swell so big!

Tegan's very photographic. You can tell she's found her home and her person. Cats get that look when they're happy with life.

Oh yeah, Tegan knows herself alright!

She does have the most adorable face...and that commanding look that says "I am the boss of you now!"

You'd should hear the 'Come and play with me NOW!' howl she makes.

What an adorable little kittycat! Beautiful pictures.

Thank you! She's a lovely girl - except when she's clawing my leg.

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