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Cat problem (amongst a few)

My little cat has managed to get her chops covered in food and it's dried on!

I've tried the spit and tissue method and upgraded to water and flannel, but nothing is working. Anyone have any ideas?


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Baby wipes work wonders !

Ah. A trip to the shop tomorrow then!

*flails at fearful cat maladies*

That can happen?!

Can what happen?

I've never known such a mucky little bugger.

I didn't realise kittens could get food stuck all over their faces! It sounds such a peculiar thing to happen...

I've never seen it before, but she does tend to stick her while head into the bowl (and has the cleaning regime of the average child).

Aww... Well, at least she's not fussy!

That, my dear is not dried on food. Those are scabs. Your cat is allergic to something.

Scabs? That smell like cat food?

Everything near your cat's mouth smells like cat food. Kitties drool.

Fair enough, but I've never seen scabs on whiskers.

No neither have I. Cobwebs and blood and other unpleasant things, yes. Your cat is a slob.

I think the slob assessment is the right one.

Then leave it on there, the shameful thing. The stuff will eventually finish drying up and fall off on it's own.

I was blethering about a chin-full of scabs which, yes, do look like dried on food.

Then she develop scabs!

On the ends of her whiskers? Where, exactly, are these things?

I was thinking more about the chops end. whiskers are ;re specialized hairs, usually employed for tactile sensation'. :)

Thanks for the info. I had no idea.

Um, so, we are back at the base of the whiskers on the labial pads of your cats face. Correct?

Yeah. The ones covered in cat food.

Were back at scabs, not cat food. Has your cat ever fallen asleep face first in a dish full of food? I think not, the prosecution rests its case.

Your cat has fleas and she is allergic to 'em. Get her a cortisone shot. That or she has this really massively unhappy thing known in the US as a feline rhino virus which is a kitty respiratory infection. The prognoses in that case is (at least it used to be) not so good. Cat -> vet soon.

They aren't scabs!!!! Some of it did come of with the tissue. Definitely food.

Scabs come off too in little paper thin chunks. What's wrong with scabs anyway, besides that they're gross? You try being scabby on a face full of fur.

This was more brown smeary than crunchy.

Scabs are great, I love picking at them, but these are not such things.

Crap. Really? Well, is there any way that you could take a picture and upload it onto the computer?

Not at 1 am. Maybe in the morning if she sits still long enough.

Ah. That's right. It's 8 PM for me. GAH

Baby wipes are good. Chamomile tea (warm) can also help.

As I have neither handy, it;s the shop tomorrow!

Chamomile is also good for small cuts and scrapes as it has slight disinfectant properties ;) I used to use it on my cats for their small cuts because they didn't object to the smell :P

Hmm. I don't suppose fruit tea would work? I have some of that handy...

It might work, tea can clean a lot of things. Make it a bit warmer than you'd use it for yourself, and if kitty doesn't object to the aroma it might just work.

Goodness. I thought cats were self-cleaning. I don't think a scrubbing brush would work, somehow.


*reads comments*

And yep - baby wipes work miracles. They remove absolutely anything, up to and including ink stains. And yet we allow babies to suck on them...

I have no experience with baby wipes (or babies at all), but I'm going to test this miracle!

I figured I needed something stronger than water, but I didn't want to poison her.

Seriously. I mean, they even take off nail varnish. I've used baby wipes to get marker pen off a white board. It's like magic. And yet, whatever corrosive ingredients make this possible, they are safe to use on a baby's bottom and to allow babies to suck on!

They sound like a worthy investment regardless.

As I'm off work this week I'll pop out when I can summon the energy.

I am along way back in my FL! I guess you've got the babywipes and they've worked.

A bit of oil rubbed in will sometimes loosen crud on cats too. Or even washing up liquid... I speak from experience!

I thought about the washing up liquid, but I didn't want to make her sick.

I tried the baby wipes. It got the stuff off the top of her head, but she got resistant when I got to her face, so I need to go again there.

Yep - that close to her face it might not have been good - a few drops of cooking oil or butter might help - and might encourage her to clean that bit herself if she likes the taste.

Encouraging a bit more self-cleaning would be good. I still have to work up the nerve to look down the other end...


Would it be okay if I posted this announcement (click) to your community "spike_fics"? It's not exactly a story but it is connected to one. The entry is custom locked so let me know if you (or your co-maintainer uisge_beatha) have problems accessing it.


I don't mind, but if you could stress the Spike angle a little more then it'll fit better with the community rules.

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