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I think my car is dead. :(


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Oh what a sad end to a faithful friend!

I think it blew a gasket because I haven't washed it for awhile.

(Deleted comment)
Quite likely. It's blown a gasket and there's water getting into the engine. Fixing it will probably be more than the car is worth.

It was getting on a bit.

(Deleted comment)
Oh noes! I could write a novel about our car problems - I hope yours will be more easily fixable!

I've had a fair few myself - just not lately. This one has been pretty good. It's the old value vs cost of repair equation though.

miserable, mine keeps developing funny noises...crosses fingers firmly

My mum keeping buying ones that do that (she will keep buying MG's).

mine a hydundai atoz aka tin can on wheels

Yeah, her current one (the one she's now trying to sell me) is like that.

Sorry to hear that. Ours went to the great tin can maker in the sky a while ago and I still miss her :(

I had an Orion I felt that way about.

Is it roaring and blowing white smoke?

More like bubbling and hissing with steam.

Nothing like cracking your block by overheating it. Is the rest of the car OK? I've replaced an engine or two on cars but only if the rest of the thing was good. Even so, expensive and the beginning of the end.

It's been a good car up to now and although it's 11 years old, it's mileage is low. I've replaced an engine in an old Volkswagen I had but I think it would cost more than the car's worth and I'm not a student anymore, I can afford a new(ish) car!

Then be bold! Buy new! A solid yet simple car though. A good, reliable Toyota will see you through more travel with fewer surprises than somebodies old Ford.

I now buy new cars for myself. I helped one of my daughters buy a very good used car but that was because I needed the somewhat more sloppy financing for her, no other reason. Buy new.

If I could afford to buy new (which I can't unless I buy something tiny and/or crap) I wouldn't. I worked in car financing (for
) and the sums just aren't worth it. I'd rather spend the money I save on computers. :D

The likelihood at the moment is that I'll end up with my parents MG that they can't seem to sell.

Odd how that works. Cars are an automatically bad investment. Somebodies old car doubly so. Unless somebody gives you the car.

Yes, they are but buying a car off-lease that's 3 years old means you don't lose £4000 just by driving off the forecourt. And buying new doesn't mean you'll have no problems with it (or that the dealer will even get it fixed properly under the warranty - and they sure as hell won't replace it if it's duff).

Oh, yes they will. Unless you let them get out of the manufacturer's basic contract which is null and void for used and are defeated at the get-go. Cars, toothbrushes and high-end electronics buy new. Everything else, oh, well, hey. Somebody sold you their sales pitch o' poo.

A used car is a used car. It is, at times, an expedient choice, but never actually a better car. Recall I said that all cars are an automatically a bad investgment. That having been said, the reality is buy new if at all possible unless you just so happen to be a massive whizz at car repair. Most people arern't; I'm not.

That's what I meant by the salesman's load o' poo. Do you have his connections? Or are you likely to find yourself alone, by the side of the road in an unfriendly stretch of Birmingham? My profession has me driving late at night, I'll take no breakdowns, please.


If it can't be resurrected, I hope it has a nice send off to Car Heaven.

PS. I've yet to work out properly if I can go, but if I came to WriterCon would you talk to me?? I'm a bit worried I'd end up in a corner.

My jury's still out on fixing it. I'll have too see how much it'll cost.

Of course I'd talk to you! I think you'd be hard pressed to end up in the corner, to be honest.

Stupid cars.

Well, it's more of a 'I'll ramble at people and then they'll back away slowly until I'm the only one left' fear really, but yay! all the same. :)

So how is that different to what you do here then? :P

:P Well, here I can restrain myself to short little gobbets... and the backing-away is cunningly disguised as people being busy.

'short little gobbets'? Is that what you call these neverending threads?

Well, these are more like long chains of little gobbets. Like DNA or something. And just as worthwhile, obviously.

If we sequenced and spliced or whatever you do to them, what would we get?

Crazy mutant comments of doom!! The world would be damned.

They'd stamp out Tokyo!

And then have a knock-down fight with Godzilla over who gets all the sushi.

So sad to lose an old friend.

My pickup is 10 (same age as my dog, since we bought it so we could carry them around). It has held up well, but once the boy is gone, we'll probably get a smart car or something of the like.

Especially one that has been so good to me. It's 11 years old, but it's mileage is pretty low, it's sad to see it spewing rusty coloured oily water from parts oil has no right to be.

A smart car would be very sensible, but a bit too small for my tastes. The sporty one is nice though.

RIP car.

Cars just loose so much money so quickly - is it repairable?

Possibly, but the car isn't worth much. I have to make a decision whether to cut my losses or not.

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