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I was going to post some old ramble , but I just can't get past this fire business going on in Camden Market. Even if it's only the crap bit, it's still numbing watching a big part of my younger years go up in flames like that, because even if I have moved on now, the place will never ever be the same again.

I think they'll be a lot of people feeling that way tonight.


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I don't know Camden at all, but it's still shocking to me.

It's so iconic anyway.

But it's a place where I used to go nearly every Sunday and club and drink, and although all those places that really mean something to me will be still there, it's how the stuff that's gone will get replaced which will be what will kill my memories.

I'm sorry. That's an awful shame. I haven't seen the news today so I have no idea how bad the damage was when it was over.

I can't seem to get past 'But it's Camden'...

Yes! Okay, I don't really go down there anymore because I'm a different person now and I can't cope with all the tourists anymore, but it's Camden!!!

Camden Market is on fire? Bzuh? *has not watched the news at all today*

I am totally feeling the same thing. I still have a lovely pair of purple cords I bought from a scary little shop there.

There's lots of scary shops. Including the one that wouldn't me and a friend leave unless we looked at their T-shirts. I thought we were going to be shipped off into the white slave trade!

Hehe! I had a very similar experience!

My Sister-In-Law lived there during the 1980's and 1990's. The end of an era, *is sad*

I think the Camden of that time has gone anyway. I can't decide if I changed or the place changed.

If the Electric Ballroom had been damaged I would have been very, very upset. Even though I haven't been there for years.

We've just come in from an evening with friends. F is with us and is really upset, even if it isn't the best bit of the market. She lives between Camden and Regent's Park currently and knows the markets intimately. It certainly looks horribly spectacular in all the pictures.

It's so lucky it isn't the Stables.

That's pretty much what F said. The Canal Market is the less interesting bit you come to first, isn't it? I just hope it doesn't spread.

The fear has to be that the council will use this as an excuse to force through massive commercial redevelopment and kill the atmosphere.

I'm sorry to hear about this. Camden Market in flames really does feel shocking. I suppose it would seem the same to you as the Pike Place Market burning would feel to me. I'm sorry, Bogwitch. <333

It could have been much, much worse, I suppose.

I've finished all of Roswell now. I get the Kyle love, even if I don't quite feel it. Isabel got less interesting as time went on, I'm afraid. I was in the Michael camp to the end.

I'm glad it got a proper ending.

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