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Writing Meme 2007

Happy New Year for 2008!

But first a review of my creative year...

The full list for 2007:

A look at Spike/Buffy during End of Days
If I Could Turn Back Time
Illyria does karaoke.
Working My Way Back to You (a bit of it anyway) a not-abandoned WIP.

My traditional anti-Valentine.
Spike/Buffy drabble
Just Deal
Another Spike/Buffy drabble
Spike & Angel drabble

Plus some icons and wallpapers.

Oh dear.

It's hardly been a vintage writing year for me, has it? A combination of a new job, exams, Writercon and new found interests in three other fandoms have driven me to writer's block. Woe.

But I did get a bit done and I've revived last year's writing meme:

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

A lot, lot less.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2006?

I'd never have predicted I'd finished Inertia, it had been hanging around for so long.

What's your favourite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?

None of them really. I'm happiest with the first few chapters of Black Widow 2, but I don't want to show them to anyone until I can be sure I can finish it.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?


Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

Working to be finished (still)! The Black Widow sequel. I'd just like my muse back really, I don't care for what fandom.

From my past year of writing, what was...

My Favorite Story: Working My Way Back to You

My Best Story: Working My Way Back to You

Story Most under-appreciated by the Universe: Working My Way Back to You

Most fun: What to write? or most humourous? Tight

Most disappointing: Working My Way Back to You - I really wanted it done.

Most sexy: Just Deal (because it's the only one with a sexy moment!)

Story With a Single Sexy Moment: Just Deal (see above)

Hardest to Write: Working My Way Back to You again.

Most Unintentionally Telling: Counting

Well, that was enlightening.


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Happy New Year to you and yours!

I hope your muse comes back. If only to finish Working My Way Back to You! It sounds like you really need that one to be finished up.

What are your new fandoms besides SPN?

Happy New Year, Bogwitch. Are you going out tonight or staying in?

I'm determined to finish Working if nothing else! And I have been working on it, promise.

I picked up Life on Mars earlier in the year, and although that waned a bit, I'm still avidly awaiting it's sequel. And, of course, I'm still more fascinated by Dark Angel than I should be.

I'm staying in . I find New Year is usually one of the most disappointing nights of the year, I'm not really a party person and no one I know seems to want to have a relaxing night in sitting round the stereo listening to old records (which would be my perfect night).

I'll send good thoughts to you on Working.

I've never seen Life on Mars. Maybe I'll put it on my queue. I broke down and bought season one of Dark Angel this week. It's just not the same show without Alec but I have a thing about wanting to own entire series to make a collection complete.

I think your perfect night sounds perfect to me too. I'm thinking about staying in as well. I just don't feel in the mood for parties and all that craze. I've never stayed in by myself on New Years though. It feels weird. Maybe I'll put on old records and just get cozy with those.

Life on Mars is brilliant! You must see it. It's one of the most perfect bits of television I've ever seen. But a very difficult fandom for me to consider writing in due to it a combination of elements I'm not particularly familiar with. One of the things I like about Buffy is that you don't need to be terribly realistic to pull the world off, if you need a monster you can just make one up!

I'm at my parents, so the records are out. They're not staying up so I shall be alone too.

Hope you have a good one, Bogwitch. <3

Happy New Year!

As I haven't managed anything creative at all this year you look very productive!

Happy New Year to you. Thanks, I'm glad there's someone less productive than me. Hope we both manage to pick things up!

Happy New Year and enjoy your records :)


And you! I didn't get to the records, but I'm making it up today.

Have a great new year!
And I'm looking forward to Ashes to Ashes too :)

Thanks and you!

I can't wait for Ashes to Ashes, I might bust! But that might be all the chocolate.

Happy new year to you too ! May it be creative !

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

Working to be finished (still)! The Black Widow sequel. I'd just like my muse back really, I don't care for what fandom.

I look forward to the sequel of Black Widow and I care about the fandom : I want it to be the Buffy one.;)

a relaxing night in sitting round the stereo listening to old records This is my idea of a lovely night as well and what we just did with husband and one of my sons. New Year night never meant anything special to me.

Happy New Year to you too!

For all my interest in other fandoms, they haven't cured me of the malaise either, so Buffy at least has a head start in that I still have a backlog of ideas for fics, I just need to be motivated to write them.

>>This is my idea of a lovely night

I'm jealous. I ended up going to bed.

I'm not even bothering with this thing this year, because my list is so pathetic. And I really did mean to sharpen up that thing you beta'd for me like a wonderful person and at least have have that along with [Unknown LJ tag]... Woe is.

Yes, you really do need to get back to that!

Thanks for the list, I try to read all your new fics as I like your writing a lot but sometime I miss stuff and this will be very useful.
Also wishing you a very happy new year (with a lot of new Spuffy fics - *selfish grin*)

Maybe I should have linked to the lists for 2006 and 2005! :)

Happy New Year to you too. I don't know about lots of Spuffy, but I'll try to do some!

I had to go back and reread "Intertia," which I'd loved when you originally posted it, but for some reason, probably to do with busyness, I never got around to commenting on. And color me excited that you're still working on "Working My Way Back to You" and the "Black Widow" universe. Your fic humbles me, honestly. SO good.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you too!

I don't know what your in awe of my writing for, you pretty nifty yourself! Which reminds me I bookmarked your seasonal_spuffy story... I must get to reading that!

Well, belated Happy New Year. Mine was quiet--I had trouble staying awake. We watched Firefly. Yeah. This is actually my second go round--and I swore I'd never watch it. But, even though I'll never forgive Joss, the show is quite good. Not Buffy good, though.

I'm sending this from the Oregon coast, as we are on vacation. Hubby got me a laptop, so I can surf while I'm here. That's assuming the wireless connection stays up. It has been blinking in and out, I think because it is quite stormy.

Are you at all interested in Ecuador? If all works out, we are going for a week in March. Instead of writing, I'm madly trying to learn enough Spanish, that I'll be able to communicate to some degree.

Hope your New Year was fantabulous.

Sorry, forgot I had to log in on this 'puter.

Happy New Year to you, may we both regain the muse.

I was in bed by 11.30, but I was larking around online until 2. I only seem to be tired in the mornings. It was back to work today though and that was a shock to the system!

I can't say Ecuador has occupied many of my thoughts ever. Is it somewhere you even go on holiday?

How long were you off work? I only had 3 days, 2 (christmas eve & christmas day) and then New Year's day. I was up at 04:30 & working on New Year's eve until about 06:00 pm, so I wasn't feeling very festive that evening. But we finished the project this Friday, and I decided to take a week off before the next project begins.

Quite a few people do go to Ecuador for holiday, but mostly on the East Coast of the states. It is much like Mexico, except less hostile, quieter, and even cheaper--also more primitive, plumbing-wise, if you wander far off the tourist track.

My brother lives there 6 months out of the year, and we are going to visit. One of his clients is building condos and houses on beach-front property, which will probably cost about $80,000. We are considering buying one, possibly for retirement or just for vacation, and as an investment.

I actually like the highlands better, but the altitude is formidable, and hubby prefers the coast. The highlands are close enough that I can visit, so I'm okay with the coast.

I have some pictures of the development if you are interested.

I was off for two weeks. As I work for an old fashioned, family owned company, we get the 'traditional' construction industry fortnight. We take a week off at Easter too.

I suppose we think of Ecuador here as being more of a back-packing destination. Sounds a bit like Spain to me, but as I haven't been there there either, I suppose I can't judge!

Always willing to look at piccys.

Much of Ecuador would be back-packing. Some of the places my brother stays, his is the only motorized vehicle for over 200 hundred miles. But the country varies a lot, and you can choose between modern convenience and unspoiled wilderness. I've never been to Spain, so I'm not sure, either. The Spanish were the main european influence here, so it is quite possible.

Two weeks! *sigh* I think it has been about 5 years since I had two weeks off together. I think I need to move to Europe! My hubby has quite a bit more vacation than I do. His company is owned by Mercedes-Benz, but even they have just changed it, so that new employees now get the same vacation as most Americans.

I'll post the pictures at Tortured Prose.

I suspect you would be hard pressed to find 200 miles without a vehicle in Spain. :)

I do have to take all this time out of my normal 24 day allowance, mind you. I could have worked a few days of it if I wanted to though (my boss did drop hints, but he was too late my Dad was already planning to lay my floor).

Funny that the most days entitlement I ever had was 26 days - with Ford.

I only get 15 days total, and I have to include sick days in that. My hubby gets 30 days, and the week between Christmas and New Year's (above and beyond his 30 days), and that doesn't include his sick days.

A few American companies do give an excellent number of vacation days. Usually, there is a union involved. Usually those companies are generous even to their non-union employees, because they want them to stay non-union. I wouldn't want to work for a Union shop, though. You end up paying for all those benefits one way or the other.

My problem is that I want to retire. I'm on that last 10 year stretch, and I'm hoping I don't have to stay the entire course.

Legally we are entitled to a minimum of 20. I did know that employee rights in the US weren't as beneficial, but 30 days is pretty good even here. On the continent things are a lot better still, the UK just holds the middle ground.

I was in a union many years ago when I was a supermarket worker (the General Municipal Boilermakers!). I can't say they did a lot, really.

"Tight" still makes me smile. :-)

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