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It's a bit wet

I've foolishly come home to lunch. Foolishly because it was taking my life into my hands.

Water is running in torrents down the hills, the path outside my flat resembles a fast flowing stream and in the usual spots that catch standing water when it rains there are bloody great lakes! There is a bridge at the end of my road where there's usually a bit of a puddle underneath and it has a half-submerged car stuck underneath it and that's halfway up the hill! God knows what the centre of town at the bottom (where the river is) is like.

I've never seen rain like it.


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I was riding this morning in the indoor 'school' which was a good thing!! It has a tin roof though - and when that torrential rain started we could barely hear ourselves! LOL! There was a terrific lightning/thunder storm too!

I'm surprised the horses weren't terrified. We sit under an atrium roof (which was damaged in the Buncefield blast) and it was hammering on that.

We did have one very very loud clap of thunder they spooked at - and they were a bit skittish, but fortunately not too bad. It's bright sunshine here now!! *shakes head*

It seem to have dried up a bit, but I'm facing another wade across the car park...

I hope the horses weren't too spooked?

There was one huge clap of thunder that did get them running for a while - but at least they calmed down quite quickly!

It's raining here too but not like that.

I've seen heavy rain, but this is... amazing. The storm seems to have passed now thankfully.

I've never known rain quite like it! My front garden is completely flooded. I dread to think what Cardiff will be like tomorrow!

Cardiff, being in Wales, is probably bathed in Sunshine. I pity the poor folk driving there across England today.

Cardiff, being in Wales, is probably bathed in Sunshine.

I hope you're right! The online weather forecast for the weekend says otherwise, though. *sigh*

We're driving there tomorrow morning. I hope it's not too bad then!

dunno about Cardiff, but it's bloody wet here and still raining

This is were hills come in bloody useful!

hills come in bloody useful! as in we live on a hill so are not flooded or as in surrounded by hills so are constantly rained on??

Hee! I was trying to hedge a little round that. I meant being on a hill to avoid floods. I'm practically in the Chilterns, so Hemel Hempstead has a few steeps sides because it sits in a valley. My hill is 1 in 10, so there just streamed straight off.

we are fairly lucky for North Wales, as much rain falls before it gets to us, plus living on a hill does help

My main memories of holidays in North Wales is rain!

well, it would be stupid to deny that! It does rain a lot, although not in April this year

It wouldn't be as pretty without the rain though.

that's true
did I tell you about going on holiday to Eire, 2 years ago?
the locals kept apologising for the weather and we stoically said, no fine, used to this, but actually, it rained more, so very, very green, though

when I was a kid there used to be a sign 'Welcome to Anglesey, the sunny isle', erm, no!

That's sounds a bit optimistic.

It rained a lot in Ireland too, I remember. Especially in the Wicklow Mountains.

I hope you got/get there!

It's lovely today, as if nothing happened.

We've decided not to go. The roads are in chaos between Birmingham and Cardiff. It's just not worth taking the risk, especially with my daughter. If it was just me and my husband I'd probably risk it, but not with K. It's still raining here.

That's a shame, but I understand its not that simple.

It's not let up here at all, been hammering down since early this morning.

'Localised flooding' seems the order of the day. The railway bridge on the way into town usually floods, despite 'improvements to the drains' beneath it. I have to go in later this afternoon to pick up a prescription and may have to take the long detour up the Stotfold Road and through Ickleford to get there.

I hope it won't affect tomorrow's postal deliveries.

Hope it didn't cause too many problems. I went back to work and all the water had gone!

Wow yourself, you had an explosion!

Yikes! That's crazy! Be safe.

And what was even madder was that half and hour later when I went back out it had all stopped and the huge patches of standing water had vanished (maybe that's because of the hill, it doesn't usually clear that quick). There were even dry patches on the concrete.

We have a terrible shower at the south of the city two days ago. The building where I work at got flooded in the basement level and the parking lot of the mall down the street got flooded too. It was scary.

Anyway, the point is that this is something that is happening worldwide and it doesn't look like it will be stopping soon.

I'm glad you're okay.

I'm glad I went out in it, it was something to see!

Something is definitely happening. Britain is no stranger to rainy summers, but this isn't the weeks of drizzle we used to get. When it rains, it rains.

Oddly we've not had any rain all day. No sunshine or warmth or summer type things but no rain - but I reckon this situation is about to change in the next five minutes as it is now almost night black outside!

Lucky you! I hope you didn't get the deluge!

I've been out in very heavy rain before - I remember one Christmas I was picking up my Nan and I could hardly see a thing - but this was different, the was just collecting everywhere. Yet half an hour later it was all gone!

The sky stayed dark until it got dark! If you see what I mean. but no rain at all. Looking at the weather maps on TV it seems to have been swirling above and below us all day.

I'm hoping that it stays like that - I really don't want rain like yours, even though we live half way down a hill, so the water usually runs down the road and past us. Because one day it might not!

Yeah, it was a bit like that during the afternoon. It was sunny earlier, but its darkening again.

We got off lightly.

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