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Help! My mum is holding me prisoner and tormenting me with the 'bits she likes' from the F&*#ing Diana concert.

Please help me.


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That's a very lovely icon.

Your Mum should be reported for cruel and unusual punishment. On second thoughts, what have you done to deserve it?

I have it as a a nice keyring now...

Why do you think I've done something?

Why do you think I've done something?
No mother would be so cruel unless the offspring required chastisement. I share your Diana allergy.


Have Take That been on yet?


Uh...I mean I'm so sorry and will dispatch a rescue party at once

Thankfully no.

She wanted to inflict Fergie and James Morrison on me. :S

Were are they???

They got distracted by...stuff

Oh no! That's terrible. Collapse dramatically and require alcohol and chocolate to revive you. Set off the smoke alarm. Eat soap and foam at the mouth. Feign death!

Good tips, I shall try them immediately!

Aha! You're on your own with this one love!!

Thanks for your support.

Always glad to be of service love! :0

Heh, and how many hours did she labor to birth you? Believe me, it could be worse.

Believe me, it could be worse.

Hmm -- only if she was trying to push Boggy back the way she came.....!!

Do you think she'd fit?

We're dealing with the very concept of anything to do with Diana here! I'm offended to my very DNA, and that's before we get to the music...

Well, there is that...Although I think It's better than constantly being handed insipid mystery novels.

Oh, no! Quick! Develop a nasty migraine that will not allow you to watch TV!

I've distracted her with scrabble.

Just smile and nod and hopefully it'll be over soon. Sorry - not helpful, but I was brought up to be polite to the deluded.

My mum has suddenly got the music bug after watching The Who on the Glastonbury coverage. God help me.

Think of it this way - my mom traps me over at her house and makes me watch her and her friends channel Jesus or Buddha or some other random wise old one. So, seriously? It could be a lot worse! ;)

Maybe you're right. At least she didn't inflict Elton John.

I had a call from an Andrew Wells the other day, I was quite freaked.

Colchester, but he's a man of the world now.

Ah, I see. And I'm drunk on red wine, but I'm totally wishing I was living in your country right now. I miss it!!!

Even with the manky weather?

Dude, I live in Seattle. We had a week of sunny sunshine and now it's the shits. I think we're on even ground as far as weather goes. I love the order and efficiency of your ground. And the tea and biscuits. That's where you totally pwn me.

What do you think of the new DLM movie leaving out Rube and recasting Daisy?

Order and efficiency? You must be joking! We can't organise anything with out arguing about the escalating costs for years!

Sorry I forgot to reply about DLM before. That seems like a an odd decision, I would have thought Rube was far more important than Daisy. Shame they can't get everyone back (but as long as Callum Blue is around I won't complain too much!

It SEEMS orderly compared to where I live. Maybe it's one of those grass is always greener things.

I guess maybe the reason they aren't recasting Rube is because he is so important. I like Daisy a lot though. She reminds me of a prissier Anya. Anyway, yes, as long as Callum is there all is well with the world.

I suppose that if you're looking at a film format and you buy into the belief that there has to be some romantic tension in it somewhere, Mason/Daisy is where it exists. Although if it's meant to be two years in the future, I can't see how UST could have been spun out that long.

Or it could be nothing to do with that at all...

Well, I know some mild spoilers. Avert your eyes or scroll down if you want know.

So I guess that there's going be a new head reaper and Daisy falls for him. If this means that Callum Blue will not be making out on my TV screen it is going to make me bitter. But! I heard that the new reaper is kinda swarmy so maybe she'll make her way to Mason in the end. Who knows?

I'm a complete spoiler whore so detail doesn't bother me! (Though I'm glad I got through Life on Mars unspoilt(ish)).

I rather like that scenario. I've come to realise I like stories about unrequited, dysfunctional or just not quite getting there couples best. I don't need a happy resolution.

Oh, please, you know you love it. :P Take That, The Pussykat Dolls... Uh, hold on... ::barfs::

I'm coming to rescue you immediately. ::puts on cape::

Thanks. I didn't have to listen to the real dregs, but the better stuff wasn't marvellous either. Doesn't help that the whole principal of the thing makes me heave as well.

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