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My name is Bogwitch and I am an Ebay addict.


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You can't just leave it at that - what have you bought? Spill the legumes!

Well, I thought I would replace some of the old videos, records etc that were cluttering the place, but I've got a bit carried away...

So... X Files seasons 1 and 2, Twelve Monkeys, some Nirvana, the Satanic Rites of Dracula, some dodgy Italian soft porn vampire film, a selection of Buffy books, a selection of writing books I'll probably never read (Novelists Boot Camp!), Stargate Director's Cut, some Eddie Izzard, Flatliners...

Plus all the other stuff I haven' won yet. :S

Hey, the 'Boot Camp' schtick wears thin quickly but there is some solid advice. Mostly the author repeats what is in 'The Marshall Plan', and the information is aimed at rock 'em, sock 'em thrillers. You can skim, and easily find what interests you, and it is easy to look up stuff later with the lay-out.

I used to be an addict too, especially when I was into beads. I've been clean for well over a year now--though I was looking for the docu-drama 'Supervolcano' produced by the BBC in conjunction with the Discovery channel and officials at Yellowstone National Park. Turns out if Yellowstone blows we can all forget about any problem with global warming. And most other problems as well. We'll mostly be ded.

I looked at Boot Camp in the shop and it looked nice and nice to dip into (which is what I need!). I was hoping it might lick me into shape...

I've seen Supervolcano! That's one big volcano.

Quite a haul!

I have so far largely maintained an immunity to eBay. Don't know how long that will last.

And that's only what I've won!

Don't go there! Avoid the Ebay plague!

There should be support groups, definitely.

It happens to the best of us.

::considers dusty collection of china teacups and antique postcards::

But...but I thought I was over it! I thought there was nothing left to buy...

Hmm. Looks at the white metal headboard, all the rubber stamps from Malaysia, the lovely wiccan stamp from up north somewhere and the various cds with backing papers on them...

*puts up hand* Me too.

But I have it on good authority I am an excellent ebayer. I have stars and everything.

::perks up::

Wiccan stamp??? Can I get one?

281 and rising.

I was going to give you details, (posted it and deleted the comment, because they don't seem to be selling anything at the moment!) the seller was stanandamber and it was an unmounted stamp about 5 inches square. I paid about £6.80 for it.

I got the comment anyway. I thought you deleted it to keep your secrets hidden!

Eep! I forgot about my secrets!!! No, actually I didn't want to torment you with something that wasn't available anymore... but hiding the secrets is good, too.

That's a very nice stamp, but out of my price range because I am a skinflint that rarely spends more than £2.50.

I did rather like those calendars at the top too!

I like the unmounted ones because they are cheaper for postage. I think the most I ever spent was on medallion stamps mounted on wood. They take up too much space though.

You think you'll get a lot of use out of it?

I have a few stamps, mainly Happy birthday and stars, but I'm forever messing up the prints!

I have loads and loads of stamps. Over a hundred, possibly two... Hence the liking for stamps that store well and don't take up much room!

There are a couple of people I would definitely use this one for specifically, but otherwise I would use it to make a generic sort of backing paper. Because it is quite big, you can cover quite a big area easily.

I have no idea why I'm not bankrupt. Must be because I live alone and have no kids to pay for. *grins*

Then there's the pads...

My mum and I have gone way too mad in Hobbycraft too. My cards tend to be more collage type affairs.

You know what you've done? Open up another whole area of wiccan tat I can waste my money on! Except I actually am skint (but hopefully not for long!). I am rather taken with this: Luckily it's way out of my price range. Phew!


Sorry... It's just as well I am not an ex alcoholic. I'd suck the big one at being the "buddy" to stop people falling off the wagon!!

I haven't quite given in yet! Ooh pentagram altar plates!

I don't know why this stuff attracts me so.

Excellent. ::rubs hands with glee:: It's people like you that are helping us deal with my late mother-in-law's wool collecting mania. If you'd like to buy some wool I have lots...*g*.

I am remarkably immune to wool.

You have no idea how much I wish my mother-in-law had been!

My Grandmother was like that too.

She made thousands of cuddly lions...

Ma-in-Law resisted cuddly lions but she seemed to have a thing about making Mrs Tiggywinkles...and doll's clothes...and more soft toys...and more doll's clothes, but somehow, the amount of wool never seemed to decrease (and inconsiderate idiots gave her more).

::exits gibbering at the mere thought of it all::

She wasn't in the W.I. was she?

Oddly enough, no. I'm not sure whether that's something to be thankful for or not!

Enablers of the worst order.

Oh, me too! I LOVE ebay. I have purchased 30 -40 vintage hats several vintage dresses and 5 vintage wedding gowns not to mention about 10 -12 pieces of glass ware. I am totaly addicted.

There's always one you don't have!

Or two or ten you don't have. I'm trying to stop.

How the hell do you win anything? *iz crap*

1. Buy things no one else wants!
2. Have a good idea of what the item will go for.
3. If you don't mind the hassle pick the sellers that require payment by cheque.
4. If possible try to choose auctions that end at unpopular times but when you are available* (i.e. not Sunday or Bank Holiday evenings).
5. Put a bid on at the minimum price if there are no bids, otherwise only bid within seconds of the auction ending (otherwise you push the price up by prompting the original bidder to respond). Don't get drawn into a bidding war. It raises the price and makes your opponent more determined.
6. Bid high at the very end of the auction.
7. Use an auctionstealer site to swipe auctions at the very end*.

*You can also use these to bid for you when you aren't around.

You've obviously had a lot more practice that I've had! ;)

Currently, the only thing I want is Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation (yes, I'm cool, can't you tell?). Not having any time to play it at the moment I haven't been too fussed about it, but I fear when the time comes that eBay's going to be the only place to find it.

There's plenty of them at least. If I still had the ex's copy, I would have given you that.

That would've been lovely. :D

I just wish there were a few more sealed ones in the mix - it'd be just my luck to end up with one that had a scratch at a pivotal moment.

That's always a risk, but I can't say I have ever had much of a problem with disks.

I think I'm just paranoid because I've got that exact problem with my copy of VIII...

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