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I'm baaaaack! Six weeks of sub-dial up depression is over!!!

Shame I have to go back to work rather than enjoy it. :(


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:Throws streamers:

Thanks. I certainly considered the ombardsman, btw. I was preparing for a fight, but they were too reasonable! They refunded me and upgraded me from 4mb to 10mb (apparently, though I'm not convinced about that).

It's not all good though. Apparently it wasn't a 'irreparable local fault' like my first engineer told me, but my modem. If he hadn't refused to to look at it in the first place it would have been resolved ages ago. Grr.

Bloody hell! So it was that simple in the end? How annoying!

We were supposed to get up to 5mb but of course it's nothing like that. We're lucky if we get 1.

I think it only makes a real difference when you're downloading, to be honest.

*Waves from 'dial-up land*

I hope you got a full rebate for the lack of broadband access. Welcome back.

OT - re-Midimeet programme item - can you organise something without me? I doubt we'll have time to cobble something together beforehand.

I did, near enough anyway.

I should be able to do something. I was rather hoping to lean on your lesson planning skills though.

Ah. There you have me. When I taught IT, my planning was made easier by the fact that I knew the software and hardare the students would be using - because I was responsible for both.

I suggest you prepare some OHTs (the hotel is providing an OHT and screen) with screenshots of the steps you're demonstrating and stick to something simple - like icon making - as you only have the equivalent of one double lesson in which to do it. Have some handouts of these available as not everyone will bring their machine along. Also, talk to Karen beforehand about using your laptop with the computer projector she's bringing to make sure it's compatible so that everyone can see what you're doing as you do it.

If you prepare each image in the sequence of creation beforehand, and have them saved to disc labelled in the order you'll need them, that will save time and worry about finding the right one at the right time in the demonstration.

If we're back at the beginning of June, we could have a meetup and I'll take you through the lesson-planning procedure and timings. In the meantime, have a look at some of the online 'lessons' for ideas.

I was going to prepare the pics first, but I hadn't thought about handouts - that's something I'll definitely have to do. My main worry is software. I think I should do it in The Gimp as it's free, but I'll have to learn it.

If you are back in time, I think a meet-up would be a very good idea.

I don't know The Gimp but I use a simple image editor called PhotoFiltre which is also free. It doesn't do layers but is a good place to start.

Oh - and if I'm back in June, it's likely MWNN will go back without me to do the painting, so we could have the meetup here.

Fine. We'll discuss the where and when nearer the time, eh? If you're back.

Layers will be quite key to a lot of it, I think. I'll have to see how The Gimp shapes up.

Yay!! The number of people I've had to spam in your absence is astounding...

To make up the shortfall!

Precisely! It was insane! There were long periods of time when I had no one to spout rubbish at!

Oh. That's why you posted, is it?

Yep. I actually hate you. You're nothing but a thing to me.

But I've changed! I really have! I'm a good LJer.

Where are the stories of your various pets and/or family members? All of this bodily harm you suffer gets boring, you know.

I don't have any pets and I live alone! There is always the fascinating saga of my mortgage though...

Welcome back! I don't even want to imagine what I would do if my broadband went wrong!

I found solace in rubbish TV.

Yay! Welcome home!

I watch rubbish TV whilst I play around on the internet - I can multi-task, me!

I actually wrote I can multi-tsk - I can probably do that too!!

Alas, the TV is in the other room, but I do watch decent TV on DVD or download sometimes while I surf.

Ooh America's Next Top Model is on in a mo...

Yay! Proper Internet returns! Glad to see you are finished with your trauma. Welcome back.

Sadly, I wish I could say time off-line was used productively. :S

Yay! Hooray for connection!

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, zum LJ, au LJ, to LJ.
*stops singing*
*looks embarrassed*

No problem, it's what I'm (very seldom) here for.

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