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This is getting silly now.

Haven't posted in a while as I've had very little to say beyond 'I fell over again (while drunk this time) and ripped some lovely new holes in my hands', but finally I have something to add!


I've twisted the bad ankle again and I can barely walk. :(

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Now what did I say about you and gravity!?

Oh dear, you've really been in the wars recently haven't you?

I'm a walking cosmic joke at the moment. I reckon it's because my boss was talking about putting me through Health and Safety exams today.

Oh good lord! *polishes glasses frantically*

I'm beginning to think that you need a "minder".

I think we should get you some of these for your birthday - then they would support your ankles, and come in useful as an ice-pack for your hangover if required.

I like the way 'enlarge image' does nothing of the sort!

I need those! But I only need one, it's always the same ankle. Question is, will I make it to my next birthday?

Leaves one permanently available to use for an ice-pack!


(I don't get drunk that often, you know)

Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks. The annoying thing is that it *was* almost better!

Are you absolutely positive that there isn't a curse attached to that job? I know we've discussed that before, but you have to admit the evidence is piling up.

I'm just getting over a bad case of the flu, myself. Just about in time to take off for vacation--I hope anyway.

Take care of yourself while I'm away. Pleaase.

Hee. You know, the day I buggered up my hands I was typing up a report of 'carelessness type accidents'!

Hope the flu doesn't linger on!

I'll try.

When drinking use a walker.

I'm guessing that's the same as a zimmer frame. It has been suggested.

Oh no!

This sort of repeat occurrence can't be good for you at all.

Probably time to develop a new habit ...

I find being clumsy one of the most charming traits a person can have. So, there is that I guess.

Hope you mend quickly!

Ah, but what about the cranky patient afterwards?

Oh no!! Poor you - perhaps you should borrow some baby reins and your friends can keep an eye on you and pull you up when you're falling over... ;)

They'd have a job, I think!

I suppose it would be totally extraneous to say, be careful!

Possibly a bit late now, yes!

I'm sorry to hear this , dear. Sympathy to you on the health front !

Thank you. I don't have a lot of luck.

Oh dear! So sorry to hear that. Does this mean you're off work too?

I went in, but I went home after seeing the doctor. The pain was too distracting. I've torn some ligaments apparently.

Dammit, I am going to get you a bubble. With some sort of wheely chair inside. And WiFi.

That sounds rather good.

You'd have a few problems with stairs... it'd need a jetpack or something.

Well, if Darleks can manage it...


Ooh, you can have a plunger too - for defence.

How will it go through the bubble?

The handle'll go through the membrane, so you can wiggle it from the inside.

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you'll get better soon.

It fixed itself after the swelling went down, thanks.

Sorry to hear about the injuries. You may just be more uncoordinated than me, sober or drunk.

To be fair, I have no idea what I did this time - I just should up! But yeah, I am a little clumsy.

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