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Advent Calendar Day 22

I'm rushed, rushed, rushed as you all are, I suppose. I will answer comments as soon as I get a chance to sit down (hopefully tonight). And get those thanks you's out of the way.

Open Day Twenty-Two!


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Dear ole' Blue. I love these! I especially love the fact that you got them all in the same shade. Very awesome. :) 'Colder & Colder' looks so freakish to me. In a good way, of course. ;)

I seem to be incapable of doing my girl in any other colour. :)

The wallpaper is stunning, and the icons are so Illyria. You have a definite feel for the ex-god.

I'm rushed, rushed, rushed
White Rabbit impersonations are to be avoided in this weather.

Thanks. There would have been a fic too, but I just didn't have the time to dedicate to it.

Oh beautiful images love. Dear old 'Bluey' has never looked btter.

Thank you! My spooky girl is a good subject.

Those are very nice. Blue suits Blue. ;-)
Seeking is beautiful !

And from now on I will have to wait for Spike icons and other goodies since I'm leaving tomorrow and will be computer deprived.
Later . :)

They'll be waiting for when you come back! ;)

Gorgeous, as always - and so were yesterday's of Angel, that I didn't get the chance to comment on.

Rushed like you


Stunning wallpaper and gorgeous icons. I particularly love "Ruler of Worlds".

Thanks. I do like making my Illyria icons!

I saw the blue and thought 'aha, It's Illyria's day... I should've guessed'. ;)

They're all gorgeous (natural favouritism showing though?), but my favourites are Ruler of Worlds and Seeking, I think. They're just so pretty.

Hope you're going to get a sit-down on the actual day!

>>natural favouritism showing though?

Would I? :)

>>Hope you're going to get a sit-down on the actual day!

So do I!


*crosses fingers*

And it will only get worse, I'm sure.

Well, favouritism producing a small number extraordinary icons is better than neutrality producing a slew of mediocre ones (not that your others are mediocre - it's all relative and they're beautiful, I'm just making a point).

Unless you're referring to the stress thing, in which case, no! No! It can't! I'll storm in myself...

That's very kind of you, but the stress is on the wain now (hopes...).

Hopefully tomorrow's slew keeps up the standard.

I must say that that's a relief, because my servant (who carries the coconut halves) is currently having his nails done.

I'm sure it will.

Well, if you must know, he's a vampire - it's not been a bad millennium for him, though he wishes he'd learnt to read and write somewhere along the way.

Thus the servitude.

There's a lesson there.

Now if someone could just convince the chavs of their natural place in society...

Yay, Illyria! Snagged a couple. Just gorgeous coloring!

Well, she's easy like that!

I want to tell you that I really enjoy opening these little gifts. Can't wait to see what we get for Christmas. :)

You will just have to wait and see!

Ooh, Illyria! I think these are the best ones yet. I love the one that looks like a waterfall especially.

Hee. Everyone one knows how much I love making Illyria stuff!

Truly exceptional - even in this amazing series. It's not hard to see where you sympathies are... :)


I love it! You have the definite touch when it comes to Illyria icons.

I never saw this comment!

I have divine guidence.

I love the ATS Wallpaper. Have dl'd it for my screensaver. Lovely work.

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