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Advent Calendar Day 12

The finger is sore, but hasn't blistered - hurrah!

Open Day Twelve!


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Aww, such a sad drabble love, and the icons were gorgeous (as per).

Hope the old hand is healing up fast.

It just has a tingle now thanks.

You know, I am so not a Wes fan, but those icons are yummy. And yay for no blisters!

Thanks. I quite like Wesley, but I'm not huge fan.

Wesley icons! Woohoo! And *so* gorgeous too! The 'Reward' one is probably my fabourite but I think I'll have to snag most of them. :)

Somehow managed to miss the ficlet first time round. Beautiful and heartbreaking. *sniff*

The pairing made an unexpected appearance in my brain. I need to flush them out.


Thanks! I like Reward too. It was a bugger to make though.

Wesley!! I love me some Wes...

I wouldn't kick him out of bed. Mostly because he would kill me.

LOL. He got crazy scary like that by the end. But then again, it's one of the many reasons I love him.

Love the Wes icons! The ficlet is very sad and beautiful. Thank you!

Glad to hear your finger is doing okay. :)

Thanks, Wesley/Fred is not a pairing I thought I'd ever write.


That was me fainting with joy.

Oh wonderful! They're gorgeous! I can't wait to get home from work and snag the lot.

::fans you::

Makes up for Andrew then?

Oh more than!

That last one - the dead or alive one - is so funny and clever and totally gorgeous.

:Faints again:

It may be Wes/Fred, but it still brought a :(.

The Wanted poster cracks me up... and I've got to snag the third one - it's Danger!Wes!with!swirly!bits! (All right, so no one's ever told me how you're s'posed to use the whole Blah!Blah thing.)

I swear half my icons are made by you...

It was originally written as a writing excerise, but has been significantly improved since!

Had to have a good dollop of Danger!Wes in there.

He is my favourite Wes.

nice icons. I like Wes in Angel. I hated that scene although, I'll grant you Illryia is interesting. I hope I spelt that damn name right this time!

I'm not sure where the fic came from, apart from the original version was written as an excerise, because I couldn't care less about that scene myself normally.

It is Illyria. Close.

Whee! Wesley! I love Wesley. No surprise, I love your fic and your icons, too.

Thanks, II do enjoy writing Wesley. He doesn't give me too much gyp.

I really have to commend you for all the wonderful, hard work you're putting in this project...and while injured, even!

Such lovely icons. I like Wes . The ficlet was so very sad and moving, I loved it.
I personally thought that Fred' s death was one of the saddest scenes I ever watched on Ats.

think it was meant to be but for a hard cow like me just thought it a bit protracted - and I loved Fred. I did feel very sorry for Wesley though.

*snivels a bit*

I was actually rather indifferent to Fred's death scene when I watched it, but managed to bring a tear to my eye.

Me too. I like Fred, but you do wish she'd get on with it.

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