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Advent Calendar Day Two

Okay, it's the 2nd of December.

Open Day Two!

Wow. I have been overwhelmed with the response to this project - thank you! Oz icons are obviously the key to world domination! ;-)

There's lots of other Christmas stuff going on besides me. Here's a couple I know about:

hesadevilspike is compling and posting a season of seasonal recs.

xevildeadgirlx has opened holiday_btvs

Go and join in.


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I especially like the middle icon!

Hee. But who's mistake was it?

oh, I like the way your mind works, good question!

Harmony!! So gloriously blond...

These are so awesome! XD

I love doing Harmony icons.

Aww, 'waiting fo my prince'. Poor old Harm.

Another gorgeous set of icons love.

Thanks. Harmony is a favourite of mine to work with!

I never liked the Spike/Harmony pairing, it smacked too much of plot device.

But I love your take on it.

Thanks for the pimp.

Yeah, but I still like it anyway.

Is it bad that it took a few seconds to find Number 2? Anyway...

Harmony! I love 'Dreamer' - there's a great contrast between her and the unicorn.

This is so exciting. :D

It's terrible. You should be ashamed.

Whatever. I've got a month of practice ahead of me (and all the last ones are next to each other anyway).

If you can keep this level of excitement up until then (or me).

I can keep excitement up indefinitely... well, I can if I'm a big enough sugar high. And you know, I'm sure there's some icons you made a year or two ago that people might not immediately recognise second time around. ;)

What you can't see is that I'm typing this in my secret, concealed-in-a-volcano army base (and that one of my many henchman has just brought me a cup of tea).



I bet it's near the pub.

Heh... I have a direct line.

Wonderful set of icons ! I'm snagging 'I won't cry'. Thank you !

Oz icons are obviously the key to world domination! ;-)
I knew that you were plotting something huge, you clever you. :)

It's a project for the new year.

These are gorgeous. Nice to see poor old Harm getting some love :)

I assume you mean from me, because I'm not seeing much from Spike. ;)

Thanks. Didn't give myself much time to do it though!

Lovely icons again. I have a soft spot for Harmony. She's just so utterly hopeless.

Me too. I was hoping to do a fic for her too, but I didn't have time.

I'm writing something with her in it at the moment which I have to post on Thursday but unfortunately, I think it's pretty crap.

I snagged the dreamer icon - adorable. Thank you!

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