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Bogwitch's Icon Advent Calendar (aka 'The Major Project Headache')

I must be insane, but you knew that already.

Okay, here's the plan.

Each day up to and including the 25th December, I will post a link* to my Advent Calendar. Click on the relevant box to get the treat**. Each day is going to be dedicated to a different character (also possibly some pairings featuring that character) and there will always be a minimum of 3 icons to collect, but some days will have other stuff too, like wallpapers and fic. All the previously opened days will remain open all month.


Open Day One!

*There are some days when I will be away from home and I won't be able to update the main calendar, but I will be able to provide the link - it'll just be slightly different.

**Sorry, no chocolate.


That is SO cool. Thank you for doing that.


It's got me working away like a mad person!

What a FANTASTIC idea! I love it and the Oz icons are brill I likes the calm in crisis one :)

Thanks. It's a nice way of branching out from the usual people I icon too.

Shiny! What a wonderful, generous idea. I'd thought longingly about doing something some year for the thirteen days of Christmas, but an advent calendar is much better.

We'll see how I feel at the end!

Fantastic! What a star you are.

Shame about the chocolate, though ;)

I made a (real) one for work too. People have been badgering me all week about the lack of chocolate. It's not as if we'll all be bit of it by the end of the month.

These offerings will be welcomed . It's a wonderful idea !

Especially on certain special days. ;)

Hee! I love it! I'm all excited now

I'm feeling christmassy now, but after I come back from the shops tonight, I'll be in a completely different state of mind!

It's nice to see some Oz for a change!

Best. Idea. Ever! *loves*

I'm suprised no one else has done it (not to my knowledge anyway).

What a great idea, and the icons are gorgeous!!

Thanks. Just doing my bit to keep fandom going.

What a fabulous idea - I haven't had an Advent calendar for years and so will enjoy clicking on this one each day.

They seem to be the in thing round here at the moment.

Ooh, what a fabulous idea - and so kind of you.

I thought it would help stir the fandom up a bit.

Awesome idea. Oz, what a sweetie.

Not to rain on your parade, but you misspelled "Preparation" in one of the icons.

Hee. Wouldn't be the first time. Will have to fix that.

What an absolutely wonderful and creative idea, thank you so much. Chocolate - pffft, this is much better.

cool idea! go you for doing it itl be fun : D

It's a wonderful idea and I love your icons a lot!

Thanks. Some characters are going to be more inspiring than others. ;)

Fun & cool idea! I'll look forward to each day's offerings! :-)

Thanks. I hope to offer a variety of characters for a change.

I love this idea.

I'm struggling on the new PC. It came without any graphics programs, apart from 30 days free-trial, so I installed the PSP8 you gave me.

I can't even manage to put text on an image yet.
::Iz dead jealous of your PSP skills::

I wish I'd had the idea a bit earlier, though!

Click the 'A' button for text. Click in the picture. Write in the box then accept, making sure you tick the little tickbox in the dialog box. Delete that, because it'll be wrong, but it will remember what you've typed. Select the setting you want for the text, then start again. It's easier that way.

Brilliant idea. Thank you so much. Makes Christmas come that much closer. And I love Oz.

Do we really want it closer? :)

What an awesome idea! :D I think I can forgive you for the "no chocolate" :D

This is so much fun and such a nice idea. Thank you. I hope you don't mind I friended you. Thanks again for this Advent gift.

Friend away!

It's something to keep me busy.

What a brilliant idea. I hope you don't mind that I've friended you to keep up the Christmassy vibes (mine have been missing for so long that it's nice to find them somewhere).

I can't promise that the presents will be all that christmassy though!

Very cool. Does the arrangement of the numbers mean something?



No, they're entirely random and not some secret illuminati code.

I saw a link to this in calove's journal, and it's such a wonderful idea. Love the Oz icons, too.

Glad you've taken a look. Hope you come back to see what else I have in store!

Great idea and I can't eat chocolate anyway (or at least I shouldn't).
I'll add you to myflist so that I won't miss anything, I hope it's OK.

I don't think most of us should. :)

Friending is absolutely fine. Thnak you.


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