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website revamp

My poor website is shameful.

It's been up three years and all that time it's looked like the back end of a bus' less attactive side, with a crappy name to boot.

But it shall go to the ball!

I've decided on a revamp (pun intended). Problem is my web building skills are rather rudimentary (hence previous horrors inflicted on the web). I've had a bash at prettifying the main page with an image map (how the hell am I supposed to keep that static?), now I just have to work out what to do with the rest of the pages.

Can you all have a look and tell me what you think? Does it look okay on your screen/resolution/browser/eyeballs?

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It looks fine on the screen. The left side is kind of bright, espcially if you've been looking at a darker screen before you click on it.

Hmm. It's meant to be, that's rather the point.

Hope it didn't hurt?

I realized it was the point, but it is almost too much. If I went there at the end of the day rather than the middle it would have hurt.

It won't on the content pages at least.

It's hard for me to tell the true colours of things as I can only look at a screen with the contrast really low anyway.

And don't take that as me being negative, but trying to be helpful. I really do like the look.

That's oksy, it's the negative I'm looking for anyway.

I figured it was, because that is the constructive part, but just so you know it wasn't a total negative reaction.

Don't worry, I didn't think it was.

I'm showing a rather clear line between the photo and the background that could probably be blended a little more. (I'm on a Mac, with Safari.) And I can't see apostrophes, unless that's intentional - I've seen characters like that drop out in some fonts, when they're replaced by a system font. Is the text done in graphics, or are they just text? Right now, I'm seeing a sort of rounded face, like Eurostyle or Monaco.

That line is curved, yeah?

That's one of the main things I was worried about. It's deliberate, to make the curve of the links make sense, but I didn't like it too strong. (it was a magic circle originally that didn't work).

The font is on the graphic and is Bellerose. As it's shareware, it doesn't have apostrophes and I forgot to replace them from another font!

Actually, now that you mention it, I do see the curved line, but it's pretty subtle, and could be taken for a graphic choice. I was originally talking about the vertical line separating the photo on the left from the black background on the right. You might want to go into the photo and airbrush a light, gradual fade-to-black along the edge there to hide it.

Ah, I see - but only when I turn my contrast right up. I can deal with that!

I've been told that PCs tend to display a little darker and with larger font size than a Mac on the same page, so that's always something to keep in mind. It's really interesting to compare what your page looks like on the different systems and browsers, although it only really becomes a problem if you're using a lot of complicated scripts or frames.

This part of the reason for revamping. My tables which look fine in IE look awful in Firefox and I don't know what I've done wrong. You can install all the browsers, but getting a mac opinion is impossible without asking like this - I don't know a single person with one.

>it only really becomes a problem if you're using a lot of complicated scripts or frames.

Not likely to be a problem for me!

I've discovered the line is due to a gradient I applied.

I like the distinct contrast between the two sides - it isn't overly bright, at least not on my screen. I also like the rounded font - it is nice to look at and very easy to read. Something in the shadows on the dark side might be nice - I did peer at it for a few seconds trying to work out if it was totally black, or whether I was missing something - but it would only be the icing on the cake.

I could put Illyria there! (she features on my easter egg) Alas, I can't put something there because it has to be blank to deal with different resolutions smoothly.

I love that font (Bellerose)

Well, it looks fine to me. Nice lettering, and the colours work well for me, too.

It's those yellow-reds again!

Looks fine to me. I have to scroll down slightly to see the whole menu but that's no biggie as far as I'm concerned

So do I, but I have so many toolbars, it's like with a lot of pages!

Hehe. That's probably what it is with me too actually. LOL

If only google would allow you to customise it with your own buttons, then I could get rid of yahoo's.

Looked first with favourites bar open, then shut. My first thought was oh pretty, then realized you wanted serious consideration. Different feel with the full screen, more stark, more contrast, more black. I need to look again!

More black is always a good thing, imo.

Yeah, I think so, at first the difference in balance through me, but I hate symmetrical most of the time, love the curve with the lettering

It looks fine to me. At least you have pictures on your website. I haven't even learned how to do that yet.

It's not that hard, just click 'insert picture' and you're done! (but make sure you upload it from the same folder).

Ooh... teh pretty!!

I looked at it with and without the bookmarks sidebar in firefox. I liked the solid black slightly narrower (when the sidebar was there) because it looked a little unbalanced when there was a lot more solid black.

But that might just be me... It's 300% better than I could manage, anyhow!

Bookmarks sidebar! Do people still do that? ::wonders:: Doesn't it get in the way all the time?

Because people have widescreen monitors etc now, I left space for the page to run on a bit to the right.

It's a pretty picture covering up the fact my site design skills are rubbish. You're not meant to make a site like this.

Bookmarks sidebar! Do people still do that?

Oh yes, I like my sidebar. I have the tabs along the top and the sidebar at the side and I can get any of my favourite sites dead easy. I don't use it all the time, but it's my comfort zone to have it there. I like my viewing area sort of square...

You'd hate my widescreen laptop!

I suppose, I do a similar thing, in that I have both a Yahoo and Google toolbar (plus firefox's favorites bar) to take me to the important places quickly. But as I have hundreds of things bookmarked, a sidebar wouldn't save me time.

But you see, I have it categorised. You know, a neat little list of folders - Crafting, Blogging, Work, Fanfic,Gardening... all of which open up into others.

I've done this since I first started using the internet, and although I love my tabs, I love my (saveable on separate medium!!) favourites/bookmarks sidebar more!

No problems viewing it on my end. I think it looks fantastic! ::squishes::

Hurrah! Thanks!

Now I just have to work out what I'm going to do with the other 100-odd pages so they match the theme.

Well, if you think your skills are poor you should see mine. I have 0 skills for webdesign, that is why I haven't used my domain.

Anyway, the new look is a good change, is bright and it looks okay in my computer, I'm using Firefox.

I really should sort the domain thing out.

A simple webpage is insanely easy, doing anything to make it look attactive though, is impossibly hard! This is a handy short-cut.

I like it. It looks great.

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