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Chridren's Party Update...


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you're throiwing a children's party?

I was assisting. Hallowen this year has been one long binge minus any alcohol.

still capable of thought??

duvet could work, and laptop

no, just now I love that the laptop can work in bed...

Well, yeah, but I don't have a WiFi router yet...

ah. is a good plan, I think

how many kids?

I did leaf prints with 19 of mine on Friday, thanlk goodness with helper and they were good. that was pretty much it for the rest of the day!

I'm asking for one for Christmas.

8 kids plus 8 adults 1 tiny dining room ::shudder::

We had lots of dancing and games.

No, actually we didn't do that. We had musical spiders and pin the nose on the witch.

Yeah, but three days of hard Halloweening can really wear you out.

right, I forgot the visiting and all

Visiting and eating and and talking and watching and strolling and decorating and shopping and entertaining...

did you buy anything nice?


I'm going to watch Spooks, I think, you?

sleep well, laptop is off to daughter

You have more stamina than I do!

Yeah, but I wouldn't have even done it in the first place ;)

Well, you knew what you were going into. Not that it made it easier. The noise alone is a traumatic experience.

Even while hiding in the next room...

I'm shocked.

Not surprised though. Wise move.

Herding little children is hard work.

Especially one that constantly wets herself.

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