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Black Widow won a couple of prizes at Loves Last Glimpse.

Just saying, as people keep telling me off for not confessing!

Best Plot! Hee! If only they knew it was never meant to have one! Stupid brain can't do PWP.

Thanks to the person who nominated me. And congrats to all the other winners.


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Just saying, as people keep telling me off for not confessing!

You are a bad, bad person. Well done. ;)

And thanks, since you've reminded me to get cracking with my seasonal_spuffy fic... somehow I've ended up with the 20th September!!


Mine's a bloody monster. I think it'll be about 20,000 words by the time I'm done.


Luckily mine seems to want to be pretty short - I've got this other thing that's been floating around for a while as well, but I've still got to work out if it works or not.

Whatever the response to cheers is! ('You're welcome' seems to over the top.)

This was supposed to be short, but it just keeps going!

That always seems to happen to you, doesn't it? :(

Hee. Yes.

Never used to.

Maybe you could aim to write drabbles?

Because you're worth it....

Congratulations! That's an excellent piece of work.

Whee! Very well deserved. I love that fic. :-)

Thanks. You never know, you might still see a sequel...

Congratulations - that's a marvellous fic. Very well-deserved.

Thanks, one day I might even fix the errors in it! :)

Congratulations! It was highly enjoyable and this reminds me I'm due for a reread.

Thanks, I enjoyed writing it too. Which is a bit of a first.

Congratulations, you gun-toting maverick! Very well deserved.

Coming from you, wily fox, that's a great compliment.

And you should be scolded for not confessing. You've gone and written something fantastic and you must pay the price.


There-take that, you prize-winner, you.

Llongyfarchiadau! just trying to be original...Congratulations!

Top marks for the effort thanks!

Bloody brilliant! Congratulations. :D

Cheers. It's doing well this one.

Whoop! Congratulations! That was one hell of a story.

Cheers. I took a few risks with it and they paid off.

You so deserve it. That is probably my fav. fan fic ever and I've read a lot!! Major kudos!!!

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