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It's really bizarre to have a conversation with your villianess.

Or perhaps it's weirder to make someone you've seen around work but never spoken to into your villianess! Anyway, we spoke today and I was mildly freaked to find that she's actually really posh and didn't swear like a trooper like I imagined.

Been working on the new story for seasonal_spuffy and it's going sloooooooooowly, in case you wondered.


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She's the villainess in your new Spuffy story? Cooool :D
Maybe she's just holding off on the swearing because it's work. I often think employers should have a 'take your personality to work' day.

Not sure I want her bringing in her demon-raising kit.

My seasonal_spuffy story's ground to a halt. I have it mapped out in my head (and in spew form) - it's just about writing it. The only problem is that it won't come out as edgy as I want it to... it's just being so blah. (And I keep getting distracted by trying to build a website.)

Website building is the new black. Mine is in bad need of a revamp. Ha!

I know exactly how you feel. Mine is getting more complicated by the minute and it's only meant to be a comedy!

Send it to me again. I'm sitting here at the laptop watching the arrivals board at Dublin. E's flight hasn't even arrived from Luton. It should take off at 10p.m. and yet the estimated time of arrival at Dublin is 10.10. Time travel seems to enter into the equation at this point.

Okay. I thought he was coming into not out of Luton?

He is, but the plane he gets comes from Luton and it's only just taken off.

I doubt mine'll even get off the ground - I just had this idea of trying to make it actually look like a paperback book (with post-its stuck in the top for quick links), and it's just mostly involved me playing around with JavaScript and not actually producing any text.

Comedies are hard. I've only ever done one, I think, and that I did quite quickly. If you start looking at anything for too long it stops sounding funny I find.

That sounds very posh. I'm having enough problems with tables. I have a lovely new graphic and I'm incapable of producing what I want.

I have no problems with comedies. I just write like I always do, but lighter, and people seem to think it's funny.

Tables are a bitch - they're the reason why even though my site sounds posh it looks godawful - stupid padding... Still, what are you trying to get?

I did enjoy The Raven Banner. You do some good snark. I just find that my stuff tends to start feeling like a lump of dead weight whenever I attempt anything without an ulterior motive. I need a better attention span.

Well, even my dark stuff has jokes in it. I think it's something that has to come naturally. I reread the Raven Banner at the weekend, it was riddles with typos. :S

I was after a cental picture with links at both sides.

I'm with you one the natural bit - one of my favourite 'jokes' of mine was in the angst-fest that was Near Misses. It was about Andrew though, which probably makes me a little biased.

And then with text under the picture? I think the secret's supposed to be drawing a little picture with all the boxes and then drawing across all the lines so you can see where your colspans and rowspans need to be. (At least, that's what I read somewhere and it's what I tend to do.) If you just had a basic four cell type thing you'd need a rowspan=2 in the first cell of your first row for the picture and the text, then the cell for the picture, then another rowspan=2 in the last cell, and then a new row with just your text cell. (Apologies if I just pointed out the obvious.)

I'm still having issues with getting tables to sit in the middle of the page without telling it specifically where to go, which is annoying me.

You might as well be writing in German. :)


If you wanted to send me the text file and say what's wrong with it I could see if I could work out what it was. (This is where I point out I have absolutely no qualifications in this area - I'm a tinkerer.)

Text? Text! Frontpage does all that crap! Craply.

Besides I only got as far as putting the picture up. :D

You and your shiny programs... long live NotePad! If FrontPage has any sort of text output I could still look at that. Though I have no idea how FrontPage works.

:D You should give it a shot though, it's really a lot less complicated than the hordes of weird abbreviations in less than and greater than signs make it seem.

I'm fine with html until it get to things that are variable, then I'm ugh.

I haven't got anything to look at noew, but if I have another go, you're going to hhelp me now. Or else!

That's fine. :) Though I might have to rope you in to make my 'front cover' (aka my first ever serious attempt at manipping images together) look a bit less shoddy. I don't think it's too bad, but whatever I do Buffy still looks slightly superimposed.

Deal. Graphics I can do.

I was hoping the graphics would cover the horrendous html. :)

Oh, they will. But a nice table works wonders.

Yeah, otherwise I would have to eat off the floor.

Ah, the natural wit you were mentioning.

It wasn't a bad pun, as they go. It didn't rely on half-rhymes.

It was easy, my wit batteries need recharging.

Well, I can't exactly talk, since my inability to relate any sort of anecdote is a family joke.

Oh, anecotes are awful. Can't do those.

I always try to contextualise as I go along. Speech should have brackets.

I just forget what I'm talking about. That's if I remember the incident in the fast place. I'm a snarker from the corner rather an a than raconteur (thanks spell check).

Wouldn't you be a raconteuse? (Yes, I know, probably not, because it's been accepted into English as a word, but I enjoy being facetious.)

I haven't a flipping clue. And since I'll never be one, what the hell.

*shrugs* Snarkers from the corner are always more amusing people anyway. You can actually have a conversation with them without looking for the missing fourth wall.

But watch it, we're always looking for that 'in'.

You're a last worder, aren't you?

Definitely. Though mostly it's a fear of appearing rude and cut-off-y.

Hmm... got a bit excited with the OddCapitalisation there.

Well, I'm too drunk to notice.

The syabubbles all rearrange themselves.

Syabubbles are mean that way. The bastards.

You need to try and get your model to re-enact some of your scenes.

On second thought--given where some of those scenes occur--maybe not!

No, I don't think that's very wise!

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