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Sod Big Brother, I'm reliving my horsey youth through the celebrity show jumping! I miss horses.

As you can tell I am bored with nothing to say.


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Isn't everybody? Posting about the weather got a big response.

Everybody seems to be away or quiet. I'm not getting very far with creative pursuite, so I have to say something!

You seem to be doing better than me, Tootsie. I have this uber-complex chapter to both convey information in, wind-up a segment and play for the laughs that belong to it and what do I have in my head when I sit down to write?

"Let's troll."

Anything is better than dealing with the carpet of moss growing on the shed roof.

Well, I started three stories, but have come to a grinding halt with all of them and the WIP - and I don't even have the moss to avoid.

You can have my moss. If this stuff does what it looks like it's doing, this will be the third shed collapse in as many years in this neighborhood.

Oh dear. I can swap you a plaguette of earwigs.

Nope. Have those in the deck umbrella. Got any nightcrawlers?

Nightcrawlers? I don't even want to know...

Never heard of them, but as I live in a first floor flat, they won't be a worry!

unless they turn up in my dreams...

The major contact would be baiting a fish hook.

It's one of those days, isn't it?

It's been like that for a few.

I too need some creative stimulation - but celebrity show jumping is pushing things a little too far.

I think the show jumping is but a distraction. I seem to be starting a few things lately, but not developing anything solid.

Oh! Who's still in? I had a soft spot for that Anna Ryder-Richardson in the one show I got to see. Plucky little thing.

I miss horses too. I don't miss the pain that came with the last time I rode one, though.

They kicked Paul Nicholas out last night. They had a speed competition and Sara Cox won!

I never got saddlesore so I don't associate riding with pain (apart from the time I fell off onto tarmac).

Who's Sara Cox?

Falling offon tarmac can't be fun. I never got sore as a child, or when I rode regularly. It was just going back to it after donkey's years that hurt. A lot.

Loud ladette Radio 1 DJ. Friend of Zoe Ball.

I fully suspect saddlesores if I ever did go back to it.

I keep thinking I'm ready to write something but when I try—nothing. Getting lots of charts done on my original fic though. Hope that counts for something, but I won't know until I start writing.

I'm reduced to working on new banners for my LJ. Not really happy with that either.


I'd miss horses, but I was never around them. Just lions and tigers.

Have you read Jilly Cooper's book ``Riders"?

I have! It was just like reading all the horse books from my childhood just with tons of sex.

It's a grand read — best of all her books.

Not normally my thing, but I gave it a go.

I miss dogs! ::gigglesnort::


Are we nuts?! No. Just really really bored! ;D


This is a vicious, evil circle. And strangely addictive. Heh.

I had an idea for (yet another) angsty fic for Seasonal Spuffy, and even went as far as making a little picture board for it in Word... but it keeps on coming out as crap. Also I think there's going to be a shift in fic-fashion against future fics of any kind and a return to the seasons (don't know why, it just feels like it), so I'm worried about that as well.

But anyway, boredom is boring. :(

Put some sex in it and it will be fine!

Hee! Although that would kind of ruin the Buffy's-a-ghost-and-it's-all-much-further-in-the-future-than-first-anticipated reveal.

Hmm... ghost!kink - has it been done?

Not that I've seen, but I did consider it once.

It was probably a wise decision to let it go.

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