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lateseasonlove Afterlife Icons

More lateseasonlove icon challenge icons. This time it's Afterlife:

This time, I couldn't decide which version of the 'into the light' icon I liked, so yet again there's both.


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(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I always forget to add the snagging bit. Of course you can!

Very lovely.I would like to grab 'Dreaming' . I love 'Memories fade' , but it makes me sad.

Thank you. I wanted Memories Fade to have that sad atmosphere.

#4 made me laugh out loud. You never know.


Makes you wonder why they were calling that number in the first place...

If you look in the stances of the actresses in the picture, somebody called them. I get a lot of strange phone calls, but that one is a mite peculiar.

Well, it's definitely a 'listen to this!' posture.

Yeh, definitely. "'We are listening,'" but cute.

See? They went to college and are doing a nice job. I will go home now and try not to be so sarcastic. After all, it's not always fair.

You are such a talented writer and artist!! Thank you for the gift of your Spike stories which are beautifully written and helping to keep me sane. I'm going to add you to my friends' list, if you don't mind and I really hope you'll add me too.

Thanks again. Friend away! LJ is true home!


I really want to snag one of the 'reverie' ones, but I love them both. Also, there's the slight problem that with one of those icons, I'd have more Buffy ones than Spike ones. (The horror!) I do love your Spike here, but he's far too pretty for me, especially in the tealy one. I'd get all embarrassed every time I used it.

Huh? Why would you be embarrassed by a pretty Spike? Shall I make you an icon with an un-pretty Spike? or is that impossible? (or Angel??)

Pretty in a if-I-was-a-smidgeon-prettier-I-should-join-a-boyband way. OK, nice to look at, ish, but I'm not a pretty-boy fan! (And people would think I were!) My Spike snarls and smokes and swears, and I've just realised how close I've become to insulting your icon, but believe when I say I don't mean to...


Alas I am limited by the screencap.

I know, and that's what I'm sticking to in my defence of the non-insulting-ness. I like moments like that, because I'm a sad romantic, but in stills it becomes one step away from him being... clearly human.

You know it takes a lot to insult me. Besides, I did clean up the skin a bit with the softening brush!

Precisely. Besides, kettle-sex innuendo really cements an LJ-bond.

Prettification! See, now you're on to a winner. Fangirls will fall at your feet. (Though not Fangiles, whoever he is, as I first wrote. Unless...)

I'm sure he enjoys using feather dusters.

I remember thinking in that episode, for one tiny moment, that they really were going to kill everybody off and it was going to be the Illyria show until the end of the season. I was looking forward to it.

I'd be alright with that, if Spike had survived. :S

Well obviously he was going to come back. Past precedent states that he can't be killed by dusting. Riley's stake was never plastic either, you know.

Do dandelions come back again?

Evidence fom the lawn, says yes.

But are they the same?

They're still all yellow and stuff.

True. I suppose there were some profound differences in reconstituted!Spike.

I've made off with the 'Tara' one. It's just so funny. :D Oh and the head-tilt Spike one next to it too, please. It's just irresistible!

I was about to chase you with the rolling pin, when I realised that you were supposed to...

*gasp!* Not the rolling pin! :O

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