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frimfram made me do it. Honest, guv!

Northern Irish Vampire Bank Robbers - The Drabble

Of course the robbery was at night.

Pop over the border as the suns sets. Stop a van. Show some fang. Break the driver's neck.

Small town quiet. Country hospital. Just park the van round the back.


Slip in the fire door. Get in do it and get out.

Startle the guard and the porters.

Shout. "Git down! Give us yer goodies."

Type O.

A and B.

Get some of every type.

Kill the hostages. Nice and clean. Don't stop and taste the corpses.

Fast getaway. Run the border crossing. No one knows.

That's the snack run done tonight.

My sincerest apoligies to the Northern Irish.

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I'd like it on the record that I offered to make an icon for this, and was politely declined for fear of violent reprisals.

Ian Paisley is a dangerous man.

Positively like Reivers, I'd say. Or Reavers.

So, you're all having a good time, I take it?

Did the Reavers get the munchies?

Best adjective I can come up with: raw. Feels like it should be part of something Trainspotting-esque.

Dunno. It's more of the same style from Black Widow - which I can't seem to shake off. I'm not sure people wouldn't get fed up with the corny accents after a while!

Drabble form seemed to make it even shorter-sounding, though, which was interesting.

And corny accents are fine as long as they sound realistic. It's when you get a load of misspellings (or, worse, apostrophes) that create a completely non-accent that it gets annoying.

And I know what you mean - there comes a point with short sentences that I completely lose the ability to string ideas together.

There was 'git' and 'yer'. :S

What I meant is that you can have the misspellings as long as they work - which yours did. It's just risky. Apostrophes even more so. :)

It's like banging on a drum, very rhythmic. (And don't take that as an insult, it wasn't intended that way *g*)
Gives me the heebie geebies that this was only the snack run ::meeps::

No insult! Yeah, it's written like that. I struggled with the last line a bit, it doesn't quite fit that rhythm. Oh Well.

They had the munchies. I doubt they are much threat.

You've got me giggling again!

You've done a drabble and a half this night, because I have to give you half-credit for mine.

Start twisting hesadevil's and frimfram's arm for them to produce as well. We can work on altyronsmaker in the morning.

Or maybe they already have. Runs off to check.

All I did was give you a prompt! The credit is yours.

But the drabble would have never have existed without your dimension.

Maybe we should go on the road together. We'd have em laughing in the aisles.

I came up with this dimension stuff from a documentary I saw about Physics and String theory. Very interesting. They were talking about parallel universes and the only way they could get the theory to work was if there was 11 spatial demensions (including time). So I got that bit wrong.

They did say that it could be possible to create a dimension ourselves, and hey. Penelope has been born!

Kicka**!! Don't stop and taste the corpses. Great line, for some reason I thought 'Don't stop and smell the roses' Hee! *brain is tired* ;D

Well, that was what i was aiming for. :)

That was quite amusing, actually :)

Were you expecting it not to be? ;)

Hee, I like this - loved the rhythmic quality of it and how so few words conjured up so many images.

I'm Northern Irish, btw - no apologies needed, I enjoyed muchly :)

Phew. The accent was a bit corny, pleased to hear I got away with it!

Nice to know even vampires get the muchies! ;)

They like to pop to the garage to eat the assistant.

Naturally, it's the civilised thing to do - no more hanging about in draughty alleyways! ;)

Now isn't that one Hell of a snack run?

Would have been easier just to get Pringles.

They might of done - Ted Pringle, or Mary Pringle or some other Pringle-person!

Very good. I enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you. It's just a rather silly little thing. :)

I like the quickness and the way you can feel the movement in this.

Sorry, I never saw this comment.

Thanks. It was a nice easy style to write in, once I got the hang of it.

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