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As it made everyone panic, I shall update you all on my burn.

It was nowhere near as nasty as I thought it was going to be. It never even hurt that much! It didn't develop into anything more significant than an angry red patch in the end, thanks I think to holding an ice pack to it all morning. It's beginning to fade now.

Anyway, onto more interesting things than my mutilated body. I have some more doodles icons to share...


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Thanks, it's taken me a while to get a decent sized set together.

Was worth the wait, beautiful mix of words and colours and images and words, and I it's at times like ths, when the pretties are offered I would wish for a paid account and icon space, may I come back and take some. I'll have to ring the changes with the ones I already have?

Glad your side is okay.

Oh, the paid accounts are more expensive than I remembered. You just get so sucked into LJ...

Damn, these are gorgeous. I love the interpretation in 'Someday', and the brush on 'Die Hard Romantic', and 'Peace'... *sigh*

Thanks. I like Someday a lot too. You've also confirmed that the text on Die Hard Romantic is actually readable, I had doubts.

Nope, it's legible. You're always so good about that.

And I meant to say that I was glad your burn was better, by the way - I'm feeling very rude now.

I do try. Text can be so tricky...

I'm feeling rather embarassed about telling the world about such minor wound!

Better a minor one than a major one, surely! And we don't mind.

It was nowhere near as nasty as I thought it was going to be.

Oh, that's relief!

As to the icons -- they're beautiful, as always. The one of Anya is my personal favourite, and I'm so snagging it.

I was all, 'oh no! I can't work!', but alas I could.

It was about time I made some Anya icons.

It was time somebody made some really good ones. Thankfully, you've just stepped up to the plate!

I shall think about making more!

Promise? They'll go to a good home...

I don't know about promise exactly, but I will put them on the experimentation list and we'll see what comes out. :)

Glad to hear you're intact!
Love the icons. Illyria in the bottom row especially. It looks as if the decoration is telling her 'chin up' :)

Um, yes that squiggle is a bit too close.

It's good to hear you're doing okay! Is it wrong that I first read that as bum instead of burn? I had to think about it for a

Also, lovely icons!I think 'Awed' is my favorite. I really like the pic and the brush.

I thought it said bum too. I don't think you want to hear about that.


Aw, some day really got to me. I'll be snagging it. You are just brilliant with these!

I'm getting better. I've learned a heck of a lot from icons.

Thanks, i've done worse!

So glad you're ok! *hugs* Oh, and pretties!! Snagging Spike-Awed and the Illyria one. Lovely! And I'm all about the credit of course! ;D

Thanks! I don't think I was ever in any real danger. :)

Glad to hear that your skin has all stayed properly attached.

I think these are all lovely - I am not taking any just at the momnet - although I do so love the Anya in it for the money one.

I was expecting it to at least peel, but it's just fading away.

Heeeeeeee! Anya meets Supergrass ;)
I loved the 'Awed' Spike one and indeed might snaffle. Lovely icons, love how you've blended the effects.
Sorry to hear about your burn ::meeps:: but glad to hear that you're on the road to recovery. I have a scar left over from when I was three years old and burnt myself on an open element. As it cut through the nerve, it never really hurt. (Well, as far as I can remember...)

Hee. That's what I told my mum, that it was a three year old's accident! (my friend's 3-y-o has just burnt herslf too, on battery acid (she didn't hurt either)). I don't think I burnt any nerves, it's not that deep, but apart from being a little sore, it's been ok.

These are lovely. I need to empty some of my stuff out so I can grab new. I've got a paid account but I won't go the extra money for more icons.

It's amazing how they stack up...

I love your work. Beautiful blending of colors and words. I'm taking Dancing. Thank you.:)

-And I'm glad to know that you weren't seriously injured after burning yourself; it can be pretty painful, I experienced it myself a few years ago.

Thanks. I was worried that it would be worse than it was. It turned out to be rather underwhelming in the end!

May I ask you if you have any news from Cass? She didn't post on Lj since her birthday , ten days ago. I sent her a mail on Saturday but she didn't answer. Pat said that she wasn't feeling good. If you talk to her , give her my best wishes, please?

Of course I will!

I haven't heard from her though, apart from a comment on Black Widow, where she said she wasn't well.

Very glad to hear the burn wasn't serious.

Love the icons! Have snagged a few and will credit when used. :)

Oh, they are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Snagging a few and will credit of course!

So lovely! :D I'm nicking the Harmony ones and the Spike one with the curly writing, if that's OK. Bother, I'll have to move out some John Barrowman icons now... ;)

No, it's OK I didn't have to in the end. Phew!

I suspect that's quite a relief!

Took three. They are so, so beautiful. Especially the first one. It's inspiring.

Will credit when used. Thanks much!

I Loved Illyria, Someday, and Awed (one of my favorite moments).

Am adding to memories - will credit when used. Thank you!

No problem, my pleasure.

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