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I won some awards this week

I feel like a Cabinent Minister being hounded by the tabloids into resigning...

Yes, I won some awards. You know I don't like to shout about these things and it's only this second time I've actually won won, so I'm not really used to it. So thanks to whoever nominated me!

The Raven Banner:

Working My Way Back to You* **

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

* I'm particularly pleased with these, given how hard it's been to write the thing.
** When Spike does eventually turn up, he will not be wearing this jumper.


Congratulations!! I'm really happy for you. Thoroughly deserved and all that. Absolutely :)
And heee! The jumper. I was just about to say that SMG looked very saucy ;)

Seems silly saying thank you again.

Buffy won't have the time to look that laid back.

Congratulations. Very well-deserved.

Thanks. Especially in Love's Last Glimpse, there were some very good entries, I wasn't expecting to do well at all.

Many congratulations, awards for a variety of genre, that's nice:)

They are a bit of a variety. I'm not sure i really want to be associated with Romance. It might give new readers a nasty shock!

Congrats, Sweet!! *throws confetti* :D

I was going to mention the fluff/comedy award but then my internet died! Congratulations on all of your pretties. :)

Thanks. Bloody internet!

Jolly good show, old chap!

What ho. Didn't what to post, didn't think it was bally cricket, but the bloody colonials wanted one to show off.

Pip pip.

Congratulations! Pretty, pretty awards.

Congratulations!!! About time the epic got the recognition it deserves :)

The only abberation there is the second. I know who to blame for that, don't I? :D

Congratulations! Very nice banners too.

Thanks, they are very snazzy.

Whee. They are such pretty pretties too! Many congratulations, m'dear - well deserved.

They've turned up like buses.

I wanted to ladle on effusive compliments to make you feel even more uncomfortable, but then I read the "When Spike does eventually turn up, he will not be wearing this jumper", and was gobsmacked by the disappointment. ;)

I have to be careful not to give too much away...

Congratulations!!! Both stories deserve the awards. Lovely awards they are, too.


Thanks. Lovely though they are, why do they make them so big? They don't fit my webpage, I had to resize them.

I imagine how nice it was to receive all those pretties. Congratulations!

Thanks. Not so long ago, I was imagining it too.

It's very nice, but I'd rather my luck got me a decent job.

::Throws a parade in your honor::

Is Illyria pleased with this display of awe and reverence? She seems awfully quiet.

Illyria, as usual, wants my entire concentration, but hasn't given me any plots.

I was going to ask if you'd seen these but it was obvious from comments on your last entry that you had. I agree with myfeetshowit, it's not just about you, nor is it anything to do with 'boasting'; it's about thanking those who run the award sites - goodness knows there are few of them left now, we have to give those that are all the support we can.

Many congrats on the WIP finally getting some proper recognition.

Speaking of which, you sent me drafts of Chapters 16 and 17, do you want me to beta them or wait until you've added more? And Black Widow has more parts, too I see. Send them over when you've finished 'tinkering', I'll hold fire on the beta work until you have.

And the job thing - have you looked at positions advertised on the web, rather than leaving it up to an agency? Where do you stand as regards references from the last 'proper' job?

I'm giving in, aren't I?

Hold fire on the betas, though 17 might be already to look at. I'm doing one more part for BW to answer a couple of outstanding questions. I'm just cleaning it up now.

Yes, I am looking for jobs on the web. There seems to be a shift with angencies lately. All they seem to do is advertise on the web nowadays. You have to do the legwork yorself, then they decide you're not suitable and weed you out. Grr. I have one or two possible irons in the fire, but I'm not holding any breath.

Congratulations. They are very pretty and I'd hate fandom to be so bitter a place that people couldn't enjoy when they won. You have had these a long time coming and I know exactly how that feels. I'm proud of you and not surprised and just glad to see you have them.

I wouldn't say it was bitterness, more Englishness. I'm too laid back to squee.


Phew this is a lot of thanking.

Many congrats, Bogwitch. Well done, you. :)

Congratulations! The banners are be-yu-ti-ful! (Channeling Louise Lear for that last word.)

Congrats! That's fabulous.

Thanks! This thanking business takes forever!


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