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The Great White Meme is tumbling dwn the mountain like a ginormous snowball, expanding and expanding! Who are all these people?

I joined up when I wasn't in a fit state to make an informed decision:

Me @ the Great Write Meme

Tell me what I can do better.


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Huh? What? I've clearly been away from LJ too long as i haven't the first idea what this is...

You go. Put your name up and people give you anonymous critique. Or not in my case.

Everybody's doing it! It must be good. :D

You ask people to critique?


*hides under rock*

I'm a four. People have to be nice to me or I cry. Or at least sulk a bit.

I was too lazy to read the full four description. I challenge the critique!

They just say I'm boring, and I already knew that.

"Oh, I know..." is hardly a challenge! You can do better.

Besides, it's not true.

You do know I've never managed to get through my own WIP, don't you?

I do know you haven't finished the WIP to get through...


I'm writing porn! With added plot.

*is slightly mollified*

Porn and plot, huh? Impressive.

Everyone is getting on swimmingly with their seasonal_spuffys it seems. Except me. I have absolutely nothing. Not even the germ of an idea. Nada. And I'm all emotioned out, so it'll have to be pointless, mindless fluff again. Therev may be some brainstorming needed at the devil's in a couple of weeks (although that does leave things rather tight on the writing front)...

People love your fluff.

They'll need it after I terrify them out of their fluffy-Spuffy wits!

Want to see it? The devil hated it. :D

I never said I hated it!

What I said was that you hadn't convinced me about Spike's behaviour. You're right about needing to spell out his motivation.

What about tha idea about Drusilla and Harmony? What about a follow up visit from Drusilla after 'Crush' but before FFL?

?? FFL comes before Crush.

Well before something or other. I can't remember what comes after Crush.

Maybe... but it needs to be Spuffy. And there's a fairytale theme (not compulsory). I have a couple of scenes in my head but at the moment that's all they are - scenes. Whatever - it won't be anything earthshattering. The last one knackered me. I'll leave the shattering thing to Boggy.

How about trying something in season four? Lots of prickly humour to have.

It'll be four or five - definitely no later. I feel the need for snark and UST.

Still waiting for that whole thing to sink into the usual bitchfest.

Too many fandoms for that I think.

Maybe. Lots of names I didn't reconise. Did see some comments that bordered on rude, though, and a couple of what I would call outright flames.

Yeah. Some of jans_intentions's stepped way over the line. Fortunately I don't seem to stir up such passions, or any at all apparently.

Some of sexymermaid's stepped way over the line.

I had a look, and you're right. How some of those comments could be called concrit, I really don't know, and she got way, way more of it than almost anyone. I guess some of them just saw that as their moment. Could almost see 'em slavering.

I did see one other person (not someone I know at all but I recognised the name) get a very flame-y comment, along the lines of 'your stories send me to sleep but it saves on sleeping pills'.

I suppose it's probably mostly been polite (ish) but the anon thing is a big cop-out in my opinion.

I know! I had this vision of a few pages full of people I'd at least vaguely heard of, from whom I could pick out the actual ones I'd read and spend some time considering what to say. Now it's too much of a bloody effort to get past page ten.

Me too. I left a few comments, but I go back and there's 10 more pages!

*nods* If only there were a sort of directory... although by now that'd be about three pages long as well.


That sounds like a job for the overly anal.

Heh. Ooh - there could be anonymous crit for the maker of the directory and you could tell them that.

I'll leave that to you. :)

But that would be mean! They'd have put in so much effort... ;)

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