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Drabble: Not This Time

It wouldn't be Valentines Day without an anti-Valentine from me...

Not This Time by Bogwitch
(BtVS, Season 5. Spike/Harmony, just prior to Crush (let’s ignore the fact Crush was aired on the 13th of Feb, shall we?))

“Spikey!” Harmony squealed as she threw her arms around her beloved’s neck. “So, what did you get me? Let me guess! Is it French?”

Spike’s eyes never left the TV. “Get you what?”

Her excitement deflated like a beach ball hitting a sharp rock. She should have known. “It’s Valentines Day, you jerk.”

“What?” He snorted. “Annual day of exploiting dizzy teenagers out of their pocket money? Don’t celebrate, Harm.”

Disappointed, she withdrew her arms and retreated back to their bed, stuffing the card and the teddy bear under the thin mattress. She wasn’t going to cry.

Not this time.


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“Annual day of exploiting dizzy teenagers out of their pocket money? Don’t celebrate, Harm.”
Your Spike is my Spike. I also tend to avoid celebrating for wrong reasons and I like celebrate when I shouldn't .

I hate the emtional blackmail of the day, which however much you don't really care, you can still get sucked into when annoying boyfriends are too lazy to get you a card...

Poor Harmony was completely sucked in, but he just doesn't love her. And that's a harsh lesson, poor girl.

Oh no, you made me cry for Harmony! Although it's obviously a thing. My fluffy schmoop was determined to end up angsty.

(Oh and although I never finished 'Dancing Lessons' the one thing I adored was pairing Harmony with Dracula! It worked like a charm.)

I never finished Dancing Lessons either, but it was so long ago, I have no recollection of Dracula or Harmony!

I don't do schmoop. :D

Oh! Loved this! You made me feel for Harmony! Hee! *snorts* Happy Valentine's Day! *snogs*

You mean you don't feel for Harmony already? I love Harmony! Poor girl.

Poor old Harmony the doormat!

Still, the story shows up the true meaning of Valentine Day. :)

The true meaning is disappointment. How true.

I'm beginning to feel a lot of empathy for her.

Whoa. You've nailed their relationship in just a few sentences. Excellent, dude, as they say in SoCal.

You think she'd have got the hint.

Poor Harm...the only thing I wished they had Spike actually feel bad about was his treatment of this ditz. Sadly many a person is sharing this experience with Harmony today *G*.

Happy Val day anyway,

I wish that too. And it wouldn't have been that hard to do either. We'll just have to imagine they had a nice chat in that bar in Harm's way.

Aww..poor Harmony!

Great drabble hon. I adore your anti-valentine stories. :)

I have plenty of vitriol for them. :D

Yeah for the Anti-Valentine. I had the hardest time finding a card for the hubby this year. They just don't make one that says "Straighten your shit up or I'm leaving".

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day.

There are so many posibilities! 'I love you, but you need a breath mint' is a good one.


Don’t celebrate,
Not with Harmony at any rate.

Poor Harmony. Some day she'll find a sugar daddy who'll keep her in mink and otter. *g*

Not sure I approve of that, but the girl deserves some proper cosseting.

Awww, Harm...poor girl tries so hard! But Spike's right, of course.

Ah, but you just know he'll be popping out to moon over Buffy an minute.

Excellent anti-Valentine. Poor Harmony. But Spike is a man. He really doesn't get it.

(But I bet he gives Buffy a Valentine card at least.)

Been there, done that one!

Spike does get it (for instance he was capable of doing it for Dru), he's just being a git.

Aww! Poor Harmony! No hopeless romantic fluff for this dear girl.

She should know him well enough by now. ;)


Still, I'm with Spike.

But he's lying! He's just being nasty for the sake of it!

Unfortunately my only Harmony icon doesn't quite reflect the mood of the drabble. Ah well, Valentine's Day seems to be only for the girls anyway.
But very nice drabble and once more with feeling, Poor Harm :(

Maybe she'd feel that way if he'd got her a croissant.

Aw - poor little Harmony - how could you be so heartless?

Who me? or Spike? He's got a lot to answer for!

Poor Harmony. I did wish Spike were shown to have been a little nicer to her in S5. Great anit-valentine!

I suppose no one is perfect. But I am diasppointed in him.

Great job capturing the dynamic between those two. Poor Harm. Poor, annoying Harm.

I say 'Justice for Harm!' or something.

Poor Harm!

(Yes, I know I'm slow. :P )

As always, better late than never.

I always love your Sparmony, and this is no exception! Thanks for the anti-Valentine.

Incidentally, I haven't forgotten about your most welcome offer to co-mod marsters_daily; I emailed tiashome about it, but haven't heard back from her yet. (She's even more behind on her email than I am, which means she's completely swamped.) And I'm hoping to talk you into co-modding marsters_talk, too, lol -- that one hardly sees any action, but you never know when some one's going to post NSFW manips of JM ;-)

Thanks. I do love writing Harmony.

No trouble, when you're ready. I've never heard of masters_talk, but I can add it to the list just to keep an eye on it if you like. Usually these places tick along of their own accord, so it's not much effort.

Aw, poor Harmony. And what's really sad is that *he* does celebrate it. Just not with her.

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