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I have no musical ability whatsoever, but...

I want to join a band just so I can play this:

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How cool is that?


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I might have felt differently if it was pink though.

Completely understanable. I have both a keyboard and a electric guitar(but no amp). I can't play either of them (except for a few bars of the Entertainer on the keyboard) but they would have to be pried out of my hands.

The best I ever did was a couple of bars of the Eastenders theme on the keyboard, but that's a fantastic guitar.

Cool isn't it? Just right for embracing Riot Grrl

That is too pretty to play!

I think it would look fab.

How lovely! :D You could buy it and just have it about the place to look cool. :)

That is one of the coolest guitars I've ever seen...

It's just looking for a loud shouty band to go with it.

Not too shouty, I hope. ;)

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