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questions questions

Anyone know how to get a banner onto Digital Multiplex? or Variable Flow?

Anyone got any good suggestions as to what I could do with my alter-ego ___illyria___?

Is, as my suspicions tell me, blue and orange a hideous clash?


  • 1 new banner is blue and I want to be orange!

I don't usually put them together, but I don't think blue and orange clash. (I just don't do orange very much.)

BTW, do you know anything about .mix files. I have one from my mom that I can't open. It is one of the rare pictures of myself that I actually like.

.mix I think can be opened in PictureIt! or PhotoDraw. I have PictureIt on my laptop, or you can google for a converter.

If someone tells me how to put it up, maybe I'll just see how it looks.

I had a link to a tutorial that I can't find but try this community - recced by txvoodoo.

I don't see any orange, just blue. If you choose your shades with care, I don't forsee a problem.

Why an Ilyria LJ? She planning world domination from the interweb?

Will have to investigate that, thanks.

No orange? I've only changed one bar.

I made the Illyria LJ on a whim about a year ago. I thought I could do something amusing with it (like that Ask Illyria) but nothing came to mind.

On japewierd's com, there are instructions on how to put up banners in these links, for all the layouts. If you cant see them, just join the com and then you will be set. Lots of LJ help there.

Thanks, but bugger me. I'm not sure I want to bother now. Eek.

Haven't even decided that I want it yet!

I don't think it's that much of a clash... the single lonely bar looks a bit weird though.

As for the banner, you could try what I use for Component - I think it's standard for the different styles, but I'm not sure.


function Page::print_custom_head() {
<style type="text/css">
body {
background-image: url( ;
background-repeat: no-repeat ;
background-attachment: scroll ;
background-position: 50% 10px ;
# I like my banner to be in the middle and have a 10px border,
# but that’s not necessary
margin-top: HHHpx ;
# replace HHH with image height plus twenty pixels


That went OK, actually... so if it doesn't work it's not me. ;)

The bar is just an experiment.

I'm going to have a go...

That was underwhelming. Nothing happened.

I have an error.

I got rid of error. But I still see nowt.

Oh. That looks a bit crap.

Hmm... Well, that's a bit odd. Any idea where the extra space has come from?

No wait, you've sorted it. I'll shut up now and leave you to your layout - your artistic skills are way above mine anyway.

Here's a change of icon for some variety...

Here's a change of icon for some variety...

Hee hee.

Glad I could amuse. ;)

It was the +20 business on the top margin. I just adjusted it down until it was right.

Ah, right. Any decisions on the blue? I'm not sure I'm sure about it anymore... but it worked in our bathroom!

I'm going to keep it for now. I might get used to it.

Ooh! I've always thought about doing one of those!

I was about to ask what it would be of, but that would be stupid. Will the plants feature? I love the plants...

I made a Hex one actually. Of course, that doesn't go at all!

You see, I should've asked. Now I've just insulted you by saying you have a one-track mind. ;)

And I don't know - if it's anything like your Hex icon (which I'm recalling dimly), it could work to draw the blue and the orange together.

This one?

See, if I wanted to go all out Hex, it'd match lovely. But it would be a bit of a mix of themes to use the mood theme here. Besides I write Spike, I talk Spike...I'm controlled by Illyria!

And I do have a one track mind, I'm just good at hiding it... or not. :D

Yes! See, it has, er, orange in it.

That does pose a problem. Though, what you could do is write a crazy crossover fic and then just say it's an in-joke. It could work. ;)

Actually, don't think it didn't cross my mind. Buffy and Ella have a lot in common; both supergirls that treat their besotted boyfriends like dirt. Except Ella gave in.

... why don't I watch this show?

And I have nothing against crossovers - I'm still on the lookout for that perfect HP one (although I'm kind of hoping it will fall into my lap since I cannot read another LIEK WILLOW AND RON ARE tOtAlLy CUZZINS summary).

...Because it langishes on Sky One?

Lol. I don't mind crossovers, but I have to know both the universes and I usually don't. I did start a Lost one, but I seem to have stopped.

Sky One's not so bad. They have Malcom in the Middle marathons. ;)

I don't think I could get into Lost fanfic - in any form - mostly because I just tune in to mock people and cheer on Claire, Charlie and Turniphead. OK, so that's mostly what I did for Buffy as well... but there was scope beyond the mocking.

I wasn't considering actually having any of the Lost people in it.

::is enigmatic::

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