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Drabble: Boom (Spike/Illyria)

I'll shut up about explosions after this... Maybe.

Boom by Bogwitch

“That was most satisfying. I wish to do it again.”

The vicious billowing plume spat upwards like the fiery breaths of hell; hot flaming vapours curling in as they consumed themselves and rose upwards, darkening to an acrid, choking flume that shut out the sky.

Illyria, her back to the conflagration, was a dark shadow against the column of fire and her eyes blazed as much with her lust for destruction as with the blaze from the burning tank.

“You will find me more depots like this one.”

Spike nodded wearily. “Okay, but next time, I get to come first.”



That explains a lot. And you aren't so very far from the Cotswolds after all....

That's the problem with these super-beings, they can't do anything quietly.

Perfect form of carthesis!

I was very bored this afternoon.

:) We see fanfic in every situation.

Hee. I was doodling pics of the pall of black smoke and it went from there really...

What are you like?

Get your arse over to the new community and sign in will you and stop playing with the highly flammable vampire.

Ok, done.

I forgot he was flammable in all the excitement.

Spike doesn't realise what he's let himself in for, poor love...

Thanks. It was about time I got writing again.

If that is Illyria's post-coital cigarette, Spike should feel mighty proud of himself.

Hee. The boy done good. :)


Oh yeah, Illyria would so do that!

She had a good time anyway.

Heeee and wow. But poor Spike and his highly flamableness ;)

I wasn't thinking about his flammability. He'll have to be careful, she's hot stuff.

Bwaahaaaaaaaaaa! I can see it!

I can see it all too clearly!

Bwahaha! I love it! You've caught our suspect, Boggy.

"Authorities say they would like to question a young woman seen in the vicinity of the fire. Witnesses describe her as about 25 to 30 years old with a blue rinse."

She'll be easy to spot.

Hee! You know, it did cross my mind you'd find it hard to resist...

Yesterday was a very boring afternoon on a switchboard that didn't ring much. I had to amuse myself!


::laughs uncontrollably::

I'm Baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a very satisfying (and awfully sexy) explanation for the fire.

Loved it.

Thanks. I hope they go nowhere near Sellafield...

Now that's the proper way to deal with incidents such as this - fic it!

It's been on my mind a bit. It had to come out. I suspect we won't have seen the last of it either.


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