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Bloody Hell!

It's just my luck at the moment. A week before my first proper holiday in years, and I have an ear infection!

Why me?


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Not only do i have to watch out for plane crashes, my head will explode too!

Unless it clears up in time. Or someone events a sort of extra-pressurising hat. Thinking about it, a hat might be good anyway - catch the brains...

I have a very big head, hats never fit me. I might have to use the wool one...

Ooh, that'd be good. It'd soak up as well as catch, which is always useful.

And looks fetching too.

More people should wear woolly hats. They solve so many of life's problems.

Unless you live somewhere very cold.

Or loony, like that bloke in Watford.

Although then you'd have more problems than a mere humble hat could fix.

Yeah, that would be quite a hat.

Poor thing! I hope that it clears up very quickly.

And, while I'm on, congratulations on your runner-up award at Love's Last Glimpse.

So do I, I don't want to be stopped from flying.


Oh no!

Are you on antibiotics? What stinking timing. :(

Nope, it started over the weekend.

Fingers crossed tight it fixes, ear infections can clear up really quickly. If the antibotics, you do have antibotics, yes?? don't work go ask for different ones. Experience based on small kids with said infections, usually huge improvement after 2 days on medicene

No pills as yet, it only started late on Friday so I'm going to try thr doctor tomorrow.

I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Ear infections suck.
On the bright side, it did happen BEFORE your holiday and not while you're on holiday. So, you have a few days to recover.

"always look on the bright side of life.. (insert whistling here).."


Point. That's exactly what i was thinking last week, with my five days of agonising period pains! When does it stop!!!

Get some antibiotics in you, girl and try to take it easy. *hugs*

Gah! Get well soon!

Still, could be worse, could be bird flu.

Where did you say you were going?


I've to Romania before too (well, the airport).

Nothing good ever happens there.

At least you've got time to get it sorted - it would have been worse if it had started the day before you went! (Typical unsympathetic nurse response there!)

Where are you going?


I have a lot of minor ailments at the moment, thought to be stress.


I hope the ear is doing better already. Note to Univerver; Missing Istanbul over an ear is not to be borne!

Exactly! I'll just have to risk the deafness.

Istanbul - wow - that's going to be fascinating/ historic/ interesting etc. Definitely going to be worth the trip - enjoy.

Hopefully it will reduce the level of stress for a while, and so count as a sort of health cure!!

Yeah, I've been looking forward to this for ages. It's such cool place to go. And then I badly need a rest too.

Avoid the Turkeys - bird flu....

Seriously, poor you. Bully the quack if need be - you need lots of antibiotics if it's an infection. And a sympathetic nurse. (Nyah to cw...)

The woolly hat's not such a bad idea. As long as it covers the ear.


Take care of yourself. You deserve this holiday.

For a major poultry eater, bird flu is disturbing!

I need this holiday badly, but I'm not expecting it to be a relaxing one looking at my mum's itinerary!

Heck, relax on the plane. This is Byzantium you're going to. Constantinople. Istanbul. Stamboul. Place of much history and potential for lots of fic lots of interesting ideas.

Not sure about that, but they'll be a ton of picspam!

Well, rats. I hope you feel better in time.

My fingers are crossed. Off to the Doc's later.

I hope you're feeling better by now. Earaches are the worst.

Now, Istanbul -- have you made plans for what will happen if you meet up with Bringers bearing sharp knives?

That would be worse!

Not much, one side of my side is numb. I'm seeing the doc later.

If I see a Bringer, I'll run like buggery! Bet they know what I plan for their master.

Ooh. Sounds like it is getting worse. I hope the doctor had good news.

Good plan.

I'm on the antibiotics now, but if it still hurts I have to get checked out again before I can fly. :S

Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed. Hope it works.

I hope it clears up soon. What bad timing! *hugs*

Have a wonderful time.

Thanks. It all hangs in the balance...

A very big thank you for my LJ icon. I am not a writer I just like to read fanfiction and I friend the lj's with the most interesting writers. Thank you Bogwitch for your lovely pictures.

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