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There, said.


Hee and for tentacles! Yay!

Someone obviously likes them (other then us).

Uh, boast away, babe. Ya got plenty of loud-mouth stompy Americans reading your LJ and fic. We need the company. ;)

Alas, it's just not my way.

(Deleted comment)
Obviously, not writing porn ws my mistake. Doh.

You're a clever girl and it was long overdue and well done and I'm sounding like a mother now so I'll shut up.......


About damned time your brilliance was recognized. :D

Thanks, it's been a long wait. I'm so suprised it was by vote too!

Congratulations! I am strewing confetti in my excitable non-British manner!

Does this mean more tentacle pr0n?

I'm just too liad back for all this attention!

The spirit is willing...

Congratulations! verywelldeservedandyoucangorightaheadandboastevenifyouareBritishandevenifyouare

But..but it's just not cricket!

Congratulations. I do love that fic, and it deserves lots and lots of awards.

Thanks, they don't get nominated often. So it was nice to see them come though.

Good deal. It is about time you got a proper award because your work is brilliant.

Jolly good show, old girl!

Congratulations! Finally!

Yay! Finally. The tentacle marches onward!

Well, many congratulations anyway! :)

Ah, well, I'm not Best Author! Well done you!

Congratulations! You deserved it - and didn't whinge. Not really, anyway.

I look forward to all future banner-spam that's bound to come now. ;)

Ah, but I didn't whinge here. Just quietly seethed with jealously.

I'm not holding my breath.

I'm possibly repeating myself but CONGRATULATIONS! Very well deserved and you deserve at least one day to go on about it ;)

You got in early without prompting, so that's extra nice. Thank you!

Congratulations! You know how much I love that story.

Thank you! I must write some more.

I somehow missed this on my friendslist.

So now I shall congratulate you in a tight voice, shake your hand limply, and then proceed in a gruff manner. British enough for you?

Heehee! That really was almost downright American of you! Kidding! Congrats!!


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