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My RDA experience

I'm so relieved the RDAs are over. I think I over-committed myself over the summer.

I had to show you all what deathisyourart made me though:

Image hosted by

It was so true!

Chapter of the WIP tonight, hopefully, if calove doesn't come back and tell me it's awful.


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Hee! Pretty!

if calove doesn't come back and tell me it's awful

It's so not awful it's unreal.

Back to you later, but as ever not much to say....

Thanks. As it's been betaed once, it shouldn't need a lot, but I added stuff which I hope make sense!

LMAO! I love that banner. You have something more important than awards--good friends.

Or people that take the piss.

Thanks for doing it. Much appreciated.

No problem... Okay it was a bit, but it was worth completing.

hahahahahaha! Love it, love it, love it!

Well it's funnier than the other awards! And in the grand scheme of things, isn't that what matters - a cheap laugh? ;) It is pretty cool though. Hee!

I think I over-committed myself over the summer.

I hope things are starting to calm down for you now - unless you meant that you over-commited during the summer to things that are starting to happen, because then I offer a sympathetic *winces*.

Slightly OT, but on the topic of commitments - have you had any ideas for seasonal_spuffy yet? Because I am honestly drawing up a blank for short (ie. writable in the time) Spuffy ideas. They all want to spend months with them getting to know each other again.

I'm always up for a cheap laugh, as you know.

I have a ficathon and seasonal_spuffy to do, then that's it. I have to learn to say no! I haven't any Spuffy ideas as yet, no. I'll probably do art (as it's easy!), unless some inspiration hits me. What you need to do is to write about a moment in time.

Cheap laughs are usually the best.

I actually look forward to what you're gonna come up with for your art, even though I would love some of your fic... I'll probably end up doing a moment, but that means having to choose between the few I have in my head, unless I can think of a way to link them together somehow.

Fic depends on time and the muse. But I have a spiffing art idea.

That is so pretty - and sweet. And lovely to take the Micky out of yourself.

I'm proud to know you.

So many layers of meaning on that too. :D

::pets the pretty, though slightly annoyed Spike::
Off to the WIP now!

Pisstaking beats drama, any day of the week.

You are all to be commended for pulling off the RDAs, and doing it beautifully. Congratulations.

Also congratulations on the wins at the Loves Bitch Awards for Tentacles and the Raven Banner.


Thank you. I wasn't going to post about it because I feel a bit awkward. I suppose I ought to now.

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