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Why do I do this to myself?

I have just sat through the 100 Best Selling UK singles run down, and what a trawl through the bottom of the stinking barrel of pop badness it was. It seems that the 60's - 70's were the hey day of the single and tonight we had all the Egelbert Humperdink. Aker Bilk, Boney M and Boyzone I can stomach. And I loathe Grease.

I wasn't surprised really, popular taste always has been the lowest common denominator, but there was only about three bearable songs, Blondie, Soft Cell and New Order.

I won't even go into my rant about cover versions that are the same as the original. I won't.

but CANDLE IN THE WIND at number one? Watch me choke on my vomit! Horrible, horrible over-sentimental bilge.
Diana was as false as they come, shallow and a master manipulator of the press. She only had any sympathy at all because she looked good in a ball gown. Ask Fergie.
And although her death was quite shocking, I'm vilified 'cause I couldn't give a crap! I think I even lost a job over it.

Right rant over, it's safe now.

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I think I even lost a job over it.

Good lord! Might I ask just what happened?

Ah. It was the late summer of the year 1997. I'd been made redundant from my first proper job after 3 months. I got a job with this small firm.

Then the harpy pegged it. I couldn't care less. Rest of the entire firm completely heartbroken, taking time off to lay flowers etc. Asked by the boss, whether I wanted to go or not, I said "Don't be Silly!", like any rational person would (not that many were rational at the time). Two days later I was given the boot. It wasn't the reason I was given, but I'm pretty sure it was that.

People were too sacred to say at the time they didn't really care, even though lots of us didn't. Weird time.

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