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"Erotic" Icons

I've had a go at making an erotic set of icons for a challenge at darker_spike. How successful I was, you decide:

2 Spike/Tara (for some reason)
6 Spike/Buffy

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8.

ETA: Oops forgot the credits. I used various gradients by miggy and halicons.

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Very! Colour me a firey shade of impressed.

It seems to be my theme colour at the moment.

Thanks. All in a days work.

I was going to do a Dru one, but I didn't have a decent pic.

It's very sad, but I don't have many left now, and what I have are poor quality. Alas, poor Dru. :'(

Poor Dru. Dumped for a bitch with bouncy hair and twat from Doctor Who.

Well I'm sorry, but she's not on my telly-box any more and I have a short attention span. Also, don't call Captain Jack a bitch he's quite a sweety, really. :P

Very nice. I love you current colour choice!

Makes a change from all the blue.

Handsome and unfussy, great colours. I like 3 and 7 especially.

They're my favourites too.

Oh, very hot! If they're sharable, I'll probably snag a few!

Sure are. If post them, you can have them.

Pretty! Are they snaggable? ;)

These are great! I love number 5, just because it sends me off down the train of thought about how we we're s'posed to see Buffy as the victim throughout S6, and there's only a few times that they pull it off, and I do, therefore, get another cheap laugh at ME which is always nice - and it's also very pretty.

She's the kind of victim you'd like to be, particularly there!

I know! Whiny cow.

(I should probably put in the standard disclaimer for SR, shouldn't I?)

She could push him off!

But she be weak!woman, no match for nasty!man at all.

Oooh, sexy! I love that intense look on Spike's face in #5. Must snag. :)

It's funny how the least naked one is about the most sexy.

Ooh, pretty! I'm snagging a few, if that's okay. :-)

(Deleted comment)
I love that you're making all these icons in my favourite colour -- and I think I may have to snag 'Temptation'. I so love that scene.

With all that passion going on, it had to be flamey colours.

Damn they're gorgeous. Love every last one of them, but especially 3 (just beautiful), 7 (very, very sexy) and 8 (hot... oh, yes, most definitely hot). And 1 makes me want to write Spara.

I may need to do the minion thing again.

You minioning is always welcome!

I like 3. Would you believe I made that at 7.30 in the morning?

Spara has been knocking on my brain too.

Consider yourself minioned :)

7.30 in the morning? Gah. I can't imagine being even remotely creative that early.

Spara has been knocking on my brain too.

Look forward to it. It can knock all it likes on my brain, but I don't have the time to let it in for a chat.

Oh, look. Damn muse is sulking now.

Thanks, they came out quite well. Except one.

Except one. 'kay, i give up, which one??

Seduction looked much better before I uploaded it. It's all gone dark and you can't read it. probably from I converted it to a .jpg.

Point, but still very effective and also the dark adds an undertone to the word that could be regarded as relevant, plus that burst of light in the background, could be symbolic too, I'd go for clever!

Still going to tweak it.

Look forward to seeing what you do, fancy icon playing sometime, now have vaguely got the idea, kinda.

Done. Just made the lettering stronger.

Yeah, see what you mean...dashes back to Spooks!

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