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Nightmare Wallpaper

I made a little wallpaper for a challenge at darker_spike...


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That is gorgeous, hon. Can't take my eyes off it.
Excellent job!

Thanks. Not distracted from writing at all...

Heh. I hear ya.
All day, cruising for pretties and Spike pr0n.
Focus? What focus?

I have finished at least. It just needs a good fleshing out.

I really can't wait for it, darlin'.
It's one I am very eagerly anticipating.

If I can tear myself away and actually make some edits, you should see it tonight.

Oooooooh! Love it! Snagging it for when I'm bored with my VM wallpaper. :)

Thank you. I just can't stop making things with Illyria.

It's beautiful, especially love the image of Illryia, did I spell it right? With the downcast eyes.

No, you didn't! Illyria!

She's just having a little snooze...

Oops, dyslexic, maybe?
She looks like she's dreaming,day dreaming that being the point, yes? Love the blues, pun.

I hope you teach maths.

Well, maths and English, little ones, you know:) usually catch most of the errors, although have been known to step away from the board and think What! It's good for the kiddies, Who spotted the mistake? Check that it the dictionary:D

I don't suppose they need to be able to spell Illyria, not maybe...

Damn! That's pretty.

Will. Not. Reply.

Oh, bollocks. are quite talented with pictures as well as words! Also, congratulations on the RDa award!


Thanks, would rather win though. :(

I did start with fanart rather than the fic, but now most of the time I do it to avoid writing!

You must stop avoiding the writing and let the muse free of your tentacles! We'd love more stories (but still do the art, it is lovely...even spelled it right this time).


Your wish is my command. I have a shiny new Spuffy fic in five parts for my Saturday slot for summer_of_spike.

Woo Hoo~ doing the happy dance. Glad to hear it and will be happier to read it.


It about time I did some comedy, eh? ;)

Comedy, drama, 8 legged passion...we'll take them all. *g*.


Very, very nice. You're realy rather good at these things, aren't you?

Hello to you! You okay? Just popping in?

(These are actually not all that hard)

Yup - OK. Back from a week's sojourn in sunny Devon, relaxing (I'd forgotten what it was like!) with my laid-back, fandom-free, fanfic-naive, cider-swilling mates. Damn I needed that holiday! And next week I'm heading back up to God's Own Country for further R&R in the ample bosom of my family. I may even be back to what passes as normal by the end of all this. Meantime - back to lurking.

(These are actually not all that hard)

So say you.


Sounds good. Mmm Cider.

I need a holiday too but I'll have to wait.

Wanna take some fic? No betaing needed (well, probably needed but not to rest on your shoulders.) Nice fluffy Spuffy!

I need a holiday too but I'll have to wait.

Not long now! And your destination is somewhat more exotic (if less ciderific).

Nice fluffy Spuffy!

Sounds good to me. Just 'cause I'm not writing it doesn't mean I don't want to read it!

It's pretty much good to go, you can have a preview.

Less bombs in Devon though.

That is awesome - love the eye in the middle.
Do you know what I learnt yesterday; one of the definitions of nightmare is A demon or spirit once thought to plague sleeping people, so very apt.
Hey and guess what? Congratulations!

Thanks. Oh yes I know sleep paralysis or 'the mare' - it's in the next chapter of my WIP! Fortunately, it has never happened to me, but then I've never had a nightmare either.

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