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comment campaign

I thought I'd add my contribution to this comment campaign thing. In my own style of course:

Image hosted by

You don't want to make the lady cross now, do you?


A lot of people have been supporting fic writers by making banners encouraging people to comment lately. Have you not seen any?

I'm COMPELLED to use that, else the blue bitch will rip out my guts.

Heehe. Great job!

I think you'd better go and obey her. She might get cranky.

That's one hellova banner luv!

I wouldn't like to disobey her, would you?

Her wish is my every command.

I obediently comment, oh blue and skinny one.


::spews on command::

Your retchings are of no consequence.

That should do the trick!

To quote what Wesley once said to Illyria - You're a very inspirational person. Have I mentioned that?

I suggest cross-posting this to Spike fics.

What? You don't mean I've got to comment on your stories, do you?


It's about appreiciating all writers not just me. Go forth and spend the word my padawan!

I have no wish to offend her Great Blueness, but I'm slightly confused - does this mean that we should comment even when the only things we can think of to say make us sound like utter prats?

I'm biting my tongue. ;)

I'm usually late, but I'm a good minion and I comment. :D

You are a good girl, yes. I shall petition for you with her worshipfulness.

Can you make your banner shareable? I tried to save it but am not familiar with ping How can I make it jpg or gif?

Well you can't say I didn't try. ;)

You are obviously a being of great power.
However, do not presume upon my patience, or I will be forced to display my physical superiority to your kind.

Eep. I'll pass the message on.

Illyria reads fanfic? There truly is no limit to her mightiness.

Living in my head, she doesn't have a choice. ;)


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