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I always try to wish everyone a happy birthday on their LJ's for fairness, but in the last couple of days it's got out hand and I'm sure I've missed loads of people.

So Happy Birthday (belated and otherwise) to:

frimfram, vampkiss, morganna3, dusty273, darling_effect, serenitystarre, herself_nyc (for tomorrow), wisteria_, db2305.

If I've missed anyone, Happy Birthday too.

What was 9 months ago?


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Thank you!

Every late August is associated with a marked rise in demonic activity. And other kinds of activity.

Apparently so. Obviously a lusty time of year. :)

As a relative novice, i was meaning to ask how you find out when LJ friends' birthdays are. Are you just extremely dedicated, and go through them all and make a list from the userinfo? Or is there another way? Something involving magic perhaps?

Usually I get the nudge from others on my friends list, or from my LJ client (in this case Semagic). But I believe there is an LJ feature which will list your birthdays for you.

I just can't remember where it is offhand.

The LiveJournal feature is at

I've got it set up as a Link on my LJ.

(Deleted comment)
Hope it was a good day!

Thanks for the birthday-wishes!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day.

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