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Film meme

calove tagged me:

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
More than I thought, around 75. I have a number of box sets; TV and films (e.g Hammer films, Star Wars, LOTR, Buffy, Teachers etc) so the number is probably a bit higher than that.

ETA: Forgot video, you can at least triple that figure.

2. The last film I bought:

Octopus/Octopus 2 – I had to, didn’t I?

- Oops, actually it was ‘Something Wicked this Way Comes’.

3. The last film I watched:
This evening I watched ‘Witchfinder General’ with Vincent Price.

4. Five films that I watch a lot:
Sleepy Hollow, Finding Nemo, Run Lola Run, Strange Days, Heathers, A Company of Wolves, Withnail and I…

I tag anyone who hasn't done the meme yet and would like to.

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Oooh Heathers! I love that movie, wickedly funny. Loved the others on your list as well, btw. What? No Octopussy? You don't like James Bond *g*.

You HAVE seen Galaxy Quest haven't you? With the tentacles of the aliens, I would have expected it on your list.

I love Heathers, for all sorts of reasons (some raher shallow).

I do not own any James Bond 'octo' in the title or not. :)

I have seen galaxy Quest and it's a great film, but I haven't been inclined to own it. I actually I don't think I buy many films, not compared to friends, but the numbers say otherwise. :S (I was given a lot of the videos)

Yes, Heathers appeals on several levels (some I am not proud to admit).

Bond, especially early Bond is like comedy...silly stuff.

Galaxy Quest never fails to make me laugh (like Princess Bride) is in my "medicine chest" for those low moods that need lightening.

I am an addict when it comes to film, books and music. My drug of choice and I have too many of all the above.


Yeah, the early bonds are alright, but they aren't quite fantasical enough to my tastes.

The Princess Bride, I do have. It was my favourite film as a teenager.

Music is much more important to me than film, probably because I find a lot of films to be too formulaic.

Witchfinder General! Blimey, it's years since I watched that. I do love a good old Hammer Horror.

What Heathers?

I found it for 99p in a bargain bucket, and I love Vincent Price.

Don't you know Heathers? it's a classic!

If I knew it I wouldn't be asking.

*glares at the unhelpful one*

If you won't tell me I'll just have to go Google it, then.

Just making sure we were both on the same track.

It's a teen film with Christian Slater and Winona Ryder. It's a black comedy were they go about murdering all the popular kids at school.

I just checked it out on Amazon. Sounds like I might well enjoy that one. You can get it in a pack with Rushmore and Withnail And I.

I'm tempted...

Withnail and I and Heathers? You can't go wrong.

A Company of Wolves Excellent choice!Never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle. Wonderfully atmospheric and menacing.
Witchfinder General - I was just talking with someone on my flist about that on Friday. Small world. There really isn't anyone now who could replace Vincent. He was the Master.

The films I really love tend to be dark fantasy, and Company of Wolves fits that perfectly.

I adore Vincent. I'm starting to collect his films. My favourite is Masque of the Red Death, but I need it on DVD.

I used to watch all the Hammer Horrors as a kid - Masque of the Red Death was the one of the ones that stuck with me most, if only because it was so theatrical. All those single coloured rooms, and the red one, and the dancing... *shiver* And Price hamming it up for all he was worth as the cruel Prince. Perfect!

And Price hamming it up for all he was worth

And that's one heck of a lot of ham.

Most of them are really silly, but I love 'em.

You have good taste - I'd forgotten about Run Lola Run and of course Withnail and I; I haven't seen it in ages and now I want to again.
I demand more booze! Oh I can't remember any more of the funny bits ::moans::

We've accidently gone on holiday!

I adore both films. Withnail does feel just that bit closer to home though. :)

I also remembered when the curly, hairy bloke, Danny, says toward the end of the film something like "We have failed to paint this decade black". Quite bittersweet, really.

My, my, my... Witchfinder General, A Company of Wolves, Withnail and I AND Strange Days. Excellent choices. I narrowly missed adding Point Break to my list, if you're a fellow Kathryn Bigelow fan.

I like Point Break but not enough to own it.

I think it's very obvious from that list where my tastes run! But I do have a copy of Mean Girls (who weren't mean enough imo).

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