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Band Meme!

Band Meme! Like those!

Nicked from rusty_halo.

* Reply to this message telling me which of these 30 artists you have also seen.
* Take the ones from my list that you have seen, and post them in your own LJ.
* Add more until you have 30.

1. Depeche Mode
2. Foo Fighters
3. Common Rotation

4. Quickspace Supersport
5. Dead can Dance
6. Danielle Dax
7. Marion
8. Sonic Youth
9. Prolapse
10. Blur
11. Cocteau Twins
12. Pulp
13. The Charlatans (fell asleep during them)
14. Gene
15. Siouxsie and the Banshees
16. The Cure
17. Dodgy
18. The Prodigy
19. Oasis
20. Hole
21. Ladytron
22. Katastropy Wife
23. Longview
24. The Sex Pistols
25. Suede
26. Rage Against the Machine
27. Sisters of Mercy
28. The Creatures
29. Cypress Hill
30. Babes in Toyland
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Hee -- we've only seen two bands the same, and one of those two together! :-D

I've seen far more than that. David Bowie, Bjork, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Boo Radleys, Tim Buckley (by accident), Fad Gadget, Cud, Curiousity Killed the Cat, Shed Seven, Cast, Mansun, Submarine, M.A.S.S, Fat Truckers, Northern Uproar, Massive Attack, Sparks, P.W.E.I, Dub War, Blaggers ITA, Drugstore, PJ Harvey...

That's off the top of my head. A lot were at festivals, and things are a but hazy.

Ah, that brings us up to 4 more that we have in common.

I tried making a list myself just now. I really had to start scraping the bottom of the barrel after the first 10 or so. Memory like a bloody sieve...I had to resort to thinking of festivals I'd attended, too! ;-)

The sad thing is that most of these were over ten years ago.

I've not seen 30 bands...and none of the ones you have listed. My mom didn't let us go to concerts, and now there are other things (kids) to spend money on, so that only left a few years for concerts and such.

(Would local bands that played in clubs where I was bartending count? I didn't choose to see them, but did anyway. If so then I could maybe make 30, but they would mostly be off the wall Zydeco bands.)

Course they count, you saw them, didn't you? If I can include a band I slept through..!

But I may be too embarrased to name them...gems like "The Mamou Playboys" and "The Hot Damn Band" (like the cinnanmon schnapps). [shudders] I needed to drink just to listen to them.

They sound... delightful.

delightful...hmmm, yes exactly what I was thinking. (So I made decent money in tips while I worked there and the hours were good for school. I could drink for free and after a couple of shots of tequila I can listen to almost anything and not care what it is.)

And this was work? (I obviously made a big mistake working in a supermarket)

And this was work?
Yep. I really do miss it sometimes. It was the perfect job to have while in college. Though I am really glad to not be doing it most of the time now.

supermarket...that sounds fun. [smile]

supermarket...that sounds fun. [smile]

It was incredibly un-super.

You fell asleep during the Charlatans? Meeeeeeeeeeep!
I guess the Sex Pistols was the 2nd time around?

It was a hot afternoon at Glastonbury and they were as boring as hell, I'm afraid.

And yes, I'm not that old!

No, no wasn't insinuating anything. Just, y'know, would have been almost mythic to have been carted around by parents to see the Pistols in the 70s. But I digress!

My parents dragged me to Country and Western evenings, alas.

:( I havent seen any but OMG! you have seen Longview! where they any good? I have there album and I think they are one of the best bands out right now.

Longview were supporting Easyworld, and it was ages ago at The Garage. They were alright, nice enough if a tad dull, but I think they suffered a bit from the billing they were on, sandwiched between two quite lively punky bands. They would have been better supporting a slower band, like Radiohead.

Wow - if I'd seen that lot, I'd just sit at home being pleased with myself from here on in. I'm a part-time volunteer sound engineer (yeah, it's even cooler than it sounds) so I have affected a disinterested attitude toward a broad range of pretty much unknown acts, but none on your list - though lots of them are on my wishlist :)

I was lucky enough to go to Glastonbury in 1995, and the cream of Britpop played it. I have been lucky to see most of who I've wanted to see, though I dispair that I never got to see my beloved Curve.

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