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Drabble: Overheard

Ooh another one. Three in one day!

Not very canon, but never mind...

Overheard – Bogwitch
(Spike/Buffy, Season 6)

Willow learnt much from reading on the sofa, but not from her books.

She’d had to look, the sounds from the front garden, muffled voices and low sighs, could be demons prowling - or burglars, you had to watch for those.

Spike buckles his belt on the porch, unaware that the window is open and Willow can hear the clink of the metal as it locks in place. Then she catches the longing look Buffy gives him as he swaggers down the path to the road, and they're given away.

It’s not right, but she’ll keep their secret for now.


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Ooooooh, love it! Canon schmanon.

I seem to love embarrassing my Willow.

My fanwank is that Willow was too embarassed to admit later that she knew. Good drabble-cause they would have got caught sooner.

If you shag in the middle of the street what do you expect? :D

(Deleted comment)
The icon's a bit dirty, isn't it?

Annoyed because I was watched a programme on the Amazon Rainforests tribes and by the end I was fuming! All this on top of googling red deer this afternoon and having wade through dozens of photos of hunting trophies. This world is awful, people make me sick.

(Deleted comment)
I think being pre-menstral doen't help.

(Deleted comment)
Happens. I never count mine. I just think 'it's about time I hard a period' and I'm right.

Nice! And canon? Pffft. It's all about fanon, always has been, always will be.

btw, you missed a 'the' in "Then she catches longing look Buffy gives him"


I'm usually very strict with my canon. It bothers me!

Adjusted, and still 100.

I know, I counted them!

Didn't know my middle name was 'Anal', did ya?

Is that a traditional Dutch name?

It is in my family, LOL!

Woot~! for the Spuffy ^^

It's still in there somewhere!

That is a smoooooth drabble!

Thanks! It's nice to see buffy a little off guard.

Ach, I think she wanted to get caught, deep down. I missed her and Willow's boy-chats. They used to be so cute.

Yeah, I expect she did, so she could feel justified in her shame.

Um, can I friend you? ~feels like the first day of school...~

Of course you can! And I'll friend you back.

Ee! Thank you. (Well that went much better than the first day of school :D)

I think I've blotted that from mind.

Well, obviously Willow thinks she's dreaming, and then doesn't say anything later because she'd have to try and explain why she's dreaming about Spuffy sex. OR, feels so bound as a friend to Buffy that she puts a spell on herself to keep from babbling it out. ;)

all of which is hard to express in 100 words!

I like the dreaming idea. In the cold light of day, it might seem unreal.

Pah! Hard, maybe, but not impossible! (*wonders why she put on a French accent*)

'Impossible' has to be said in a french accent. It's the law.

Of course! I wish I was more up on these things...I'd look stupid a lot less often.

I think it's fairly new legislation.

You're just trying to comfort me, aren't you? I mean, it must've been around since at least 'Allo, 'Allo.

Sadly not. I'm still languishing in stupidity and I know it.

Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying all your drabbles. Thank you for such lovely treats. :)

It's been a busy week for them, but I must get back to the WIP and the tentacle fic sequel and the S/B possible WIP and the next Spike/Tara and all the half finished ficlets...

Oh 'eck.

They're lucky it wasn't Xander.

I love the Spuffy! It's still (and probably forever) my favorite. And speaking of your S/B possible WIP, is that "Working My Way Back to You" or another fic I'm not aware of? I surely do hope your muse lets it end up Spuffy. Poor Spike has had enough angst in his love life :D

Whatever I write, my Spuffy heart lies beneath it.

But I find difficult to find new things to say about them in a straight up fic. Working My Way Back to You" is going to be Spuffy, but a happy ending on that one isn't gauranteed (I'm not sure yet, depends on the story (or the possible lynching!)). The 'possible' Spuffy story is some season five plotty fluff I'm tinkering with. I'm just worried about taking on too much.

Good luck with it - I love your fic. I'm excited to hear about a new Spuffy in your head, but I understand about the taking on too much - one sequel seems to be too much for me. :/

It'll come, I think. It'll just have to take it's turn.

Yeah, it was always frustrating that Willow was the last to know.
Very nicely done.

Willow wasn't seeing the obvious under her face, but unlike Xander, at least she has some excuse.

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