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World, here i come!

It's all booked. I actually have a holiday to look forward to! And it's abroad for the first time since 1991 (I don't count France and Ireland).

I shall be going to Istanbul in October with the parents.

I will keep my eye out for any Bringers skulking in the alleyways...


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for some reason I have the song istanbul from they might be giants stuck in my head now...roflmao!

Have fun

That song is aready a default setting in my brain.

I mean to.

damn those evil dj's in our head...what's worse than that is a song from Napolean Dynomite that's sung by one of the characters to his new bride at the end of the movie it's called Technology (always and forever)!

IT' HORRID...MAKES MY EARS BLEED...try to find it


IT'S HORRID...MAKES MY EARS BLEED...try to find it

That's not exactly selling to me!

The evil DJ's in your head always play the songs of you worst nightmares. I just try to avoid tempting them.

trying driving on a cross country trip with morganna3 and looking for 80's hair metal cd's at every truck stop we come across!! HEHEHE

My friends and their dance CD's in quite enough. I think I'd prefer the Hair Metal.

I will keep my eye out for any Bringers skulking in the alleyways...

Also, Willow and Oz. 'Cause she so should be with him rather than Kennedy...

She's better off with anyone rather than Kennedy.

Well, this is true. Oz was just so cute, though.

Have a wonderful time, pet:)

Thanks, its great to actually be going somewhere again.

Yay for you!:) How very exciting. Be safe, of course, but also have fun!

It should be great fun. I love exotic places.

Ooh, I'm very envious now. I haven't been in Istanbul since 1985...

Anywhere you recommend to see? (apart from the obvious).

I'm mostly worried about the food, being picky and everything.

Oh God, the food. Don't get me started on the food! Best damn cuisine in the whole world, I tell you!

You like vegetables, yes? Lovely vegetables -- aubergines and chickpeas, vine leaves, green peppers and artichokes, squash and courgettes and...all drizzled with olive oil or stuffed with the loveliest complementary stuffings, or served in yoghurt, or...

Pastries! Yummy yummy pastries! Dripping with honey, sprinkled with nuts.

Puddings! Lovely puddings! There are actually shops that sell nothing but puddings!

Meat! Yummy yummy meat dishes! Kebab, köfte, potroasts and poultry...all too wonderfulto ever forget.

Ekmek (bread), pide (Turkish pizza) and I loved to sit and drink elma (Turkish apple tea) while watching the world pass by.

Favourite places that I remember: Eyüp cemetary -- the Andalar (the islands half an hour out onto the Bosphorus, catch the ferry from Galata), Yediküle, Topkapi Saray, a visit to the hamam (either the one belonging to the Ahmediye or the Suleymaniye), the bedestan and mosque of Nuruosmaniye, Rüstem Pasha Cami, Beyazit...the market in Usküdar...

Vegetables? Aren't they the garnish?

I will be living on chicken, apple tea and cakes then. I am suspicious that my dislike of lamb and tomatoes is going to be my downfall. They got any chinese restaurants? :D

I will add those sites to the list!

They got any chinese restaurants? :D

Actually, they do -- try around Taksin Square. But they've also got Kurdish restaurants, where you eat roasted meat skewered on swords.

BTW, forgot to mention: even though they have potatoes too, the main staple is rice. Turkish rice, a thick, round grain -- perfect for pilav.

Turkish coffee: don't drink the dregs! Just let it sit.

Rice I do, it's my main staple. I won't starve then!

There was this restaurant near the Hippodrome, did the most amazing buffet. You could try out every single thing, just a single bite each time...Of course, this was 20 years ago; it probably won't be there anymore.

If it is, that might be worth trying. I am adventurous with food, I just don't like half of it. If that makes any sense.

If you're going shopping in the grand bazaar, the main thing to remember is that it will take time. No sale is complete without you sitting down to tea with the stall owner while haggling over the price of anything you might remotely wish to acquire.

Ah! The smell of the spice market wafting up to Rüstem Pasha at 11 in the morning! October, you say? The weather should still be good...but bring a cardie, 'cause it can get chilly at night.

Tea I can handle. And Mmmmm spices!

We went sailing around Turkey and once we got away from the very touristy bits, the food was yummy.

Aubergines... those big, fat, white butterbeans... oh and the fish! Yummy fish...

And there's always Turkish Delight.

But you have to be careful. A shopkeeper offered the bloke I was shopping with (himself's mate) a weeks groceries for a night of my favours. Sod almost accepted, too.


A week's groceries? You're worth much more than that!

Yeah. Two weeks worth at least.

I'll be very surprised if I get any offers like that...

How wonderful. I hope you'll have a brilliant time! :)

Thanks, I have been longing to go somewhere special for ages.

That is wonderful =). I'm sure you'll have a great time and you can do Bringers research there.

Thanks. I will be watching my back, that's for sure.

Coo! How exotic!

I was supposed to be running a symposium there. They cancelled it because stupid Bush decided to use Turkish air space t get his bombers to Iraq. Git.

I hear it's very beautiful, Bringers notwithstanding.

This is my sort of holiday, a big exotic city. The parents have already been on a day trip and loved it.

I badly want to go to Cairo though.

Woo Hoo! Have a great time! When are you going?

End of October. We don't like it too hot. I'm really looking forward to it.

Cool! You can sing the 'Istanbul, Constantinople' ditty to them all. Except the bringers and their curvy knives. They might not think it's so funny.

I suspect they've heard it all before.

Fantastic news! I hope you have a wonderful time.
I've always really wanted to go to western Turkey - around the coast. Are you only going to Istanbul? Or are you taking a tour around? I think it's a fascinating place to go to!

We are just going to Istanbul for 4 days. It's a place I've always been fascinated with, but not anywhere I ever expected to go.

Ehmmm. Hello. We've never met but I heard of you, a lot. Hesadevil sent me over, saying you're going to Istanbul in Autumn. I'm Turkish and live in Istanbul. So if you like to ask anything, need anything I'm more than happy to help. Just drop a line.

Have a great time.

Hello. Wow, the power of the internet!

Thank you for your offer. I'm really looking forward to going to Istanbul, as it's a place I've always wanted to go and my parents loved it when they went there on a cruise.

I don't have any specfic questions right now, beyond is there anywhere really worth seeing that isn't one of the obvious tourist places? But I think I will have some soon, so can I get back to you?

Heh. World is a small place especially on the Net.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for you, everywhere in Istanbul is worth to see, there're hundred of places I haven't been yet. You can get back to me whenever you want. It's a pleasure to help.

Also, sorry to hear about your car scare. Take care.

I'll live, thank you! I'll be back...

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