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Ugh, it's me.

I'm trying to be quiet. I think Illyria is asleep, she's not moving. She just stands there and stares.

I'm currently tied to the chair and I can just about reach the keyboard...


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That line of periods is ruining my friends page. Please put a paragraph break.

I would love to help, but I'm stuck in a perfect suburb of some kind and there are Bangel wedding photos on my wall...

Sounds like the Sixth Circle of Hell to me.

Don't worry, the Romans will get you soon (especially since you're not that far away), so you won't have anything to worry about. I mean, they've already killed me.

Yes. This is a message from the beyond.

Ghostly Romans from Verulanium? That's all I need.

Well I hope it didn't hurt too much.

Not really - it was pretty standard sword-through-the-neck. Annoying, since I now have to hold my head on, but not very painful.

Have you tried a scarf?

Yeah, but it doesn't work when I go outside - the winds around at the moment are far too strong.

Careful you don't laugh your head off.

What goes around comes around *nods*

Normally I'm all for Tie 'Em Up Fun, but this is hurting my back now.

*Shhh!* Type quietly, octapusses are very light sleepers. Also they have 3 hearts.


Okay, but I haven't seen any tentacles yet.

I had a funny dream though...

I had a funny dream though...

That'll be the ropes cutting off the circulation to your brain... er, what was the dream, Boggy dear?

There were hands. Many hands.

Quick! Tell them too untie you!

(This will work as it's rabbit hole day!) :D

I need to ask my dream hands to untie me? You really have been channelling Dru.

Teeheehee 'tis true!

I blame that gamiila ... and that norty pixie whispering in my ear...

You know, it might be working... I'm free!

Yippee! Always listen to the pixies whispering in your ear! :D

I've sent out for reinforcements. Surely, if we all get together on this, we can free you from that power-hungry body thief.

Stay strong.

Thanks for the support. Make it quick, she's stirring.

Is the concrete dry outside the window yet? If so, climb on the man's back and run away.


Tied to a chair here!

So much rabbit hole, so little time. Got carried away. Trying to distract her so you can escape.

Stay strong! We're coming to get you! Now if we can just find our way out of this confounded box....

I don't think I have long...

Are rabbit holes at all like wormholes, cause if they are, well, we'll just open one right next to you and you can knock the chair over and fall in. We'll fix the Illyria problem when you get to the Alpha site.

Thanks! But I seem to have freed myself. The daft blue bint is currently lying vanquished and unconscious at my feet.

::carries a long stick with a knife and whispers:: am I too late to rescue you?

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