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Octopus Sex

I'm thinking I'm not alone.

Octopus Sex

(Perhaps not work safe)

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It's not so long ago that I would have written stuff like that.

You should start a Spike/Cthulu-athon.

::Big Wide Grin::

Do you think I'd get many takers?

I'd have a go, and you know bubonicplague certainly would.

Ok then. How about a Valentine's Day Tentaclethon? Do you think it should just be Spillyria or can anyone play? Should it have to be erotic?

Sounds good. Spike with anything that's got tentacles! And yeah, make it erotic. The challenge will be a challenge indeed.

Should it be a swap ideas around or a free for all? (I've only been in one ficathon, not sure what's best).

Good gracious, I don't know. I've never run one and have only participated in one.

I'll give it some thought tomorrow then. I think bed is calling.

The "Poulpa-Sutra" reminds me of a little oddity I ran across a couple of days ago while browsing

The Pop-Up Kama Sutra, by Sir Richard Burton

And I swear, I was browsing pop-up books...

What amused me so was the mental image of Sir Richard Burton, in 19th-Century explorer regalia, working with an X-acto knife to do the pop-ups.

'well-placed folds' eh? I want to make a sperm!

The penis one was very inventive. I was impressed.

There's only 6 pop ups though. What I found more worrying was the 'Menopause pop up and activity book' below it. The mind boggles.

BWAH! That's hilarious! *snorf*

I know! *cuddles* I'm so going to adopt one. :P

I shouldn't have opened it at the computer at work... bad bad idea.

Oops. I shall put a warning on it.

wasn't bad, just that I was laughing very hard and they asked me what was going on.


I want to, just got to figure out the details. Not sure how these things go see.

I take it you'll sign up then? :D

Me? I only do fluffy. Couldn't possibly write naughty, slimey stuff.

But then again...


If you need any help with whatever needs doing whenever you find out what it is, give me a shout!

Just let your imagination go!

They're very cute, but I fear the threesome one could dissolve into disaster - who's tentacle is that now?

Hope you don't mind me adding you. Your journal made me chuckle ;)

No problem, you're friended back.

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