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One of life's great mysteries...

Why does googling images for 'squid sex' bring up a picture of Bill Murray?


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The real question:

Who googles for "squid sex"?


People who've gotten rather obsessed with Spike/Illyria tentacle sex and wanted an icon...

Jen, meet bogwitch.

Bogwitch is very strange. See here for proof...

On second thoughts, you may be too young, so don't peep!

I think I've found a person of like mind...

Jan 16th

Be careful swimming in the sea.

Bill Murray doing what exactly?

Just bein' Bill.

It's some sort of filmography, but I see no squid.

More to the point, why were you googling Squid Sex? ;)

Maybe something having to do with the movie "A Life Aquatic"?

Though that is odd - both the correlation and the search to begin with =).

Google is a very scary place when you are doing searches. Squid sex [shakes head] At least you didn't make her true form a giant space spider. (That was the scariest part of IT to me.)

I did a search a few weeks ago for "grandmother names" for a friend who is soon to be a grandmother but doesn't want to be called anything that makes her sound old, and I came up with a Thai porn site.

At least you didn't make her true form a giant space spider. (That was the scariest part of IT to me.)

Oh. Is that what IT people really are?

Didn't you know? They f*ck up your computer, then eat the hard drive and run off on a web of cables to wait for the next unsuspecting victim...and I've heard they eat their young.

Well, Teenes beat me to it, but it would undoubtedly be because of Murray's latest film, The Life Aquatic, which is a satire of Jacques Cousteau.

Having said that, I'm sure the morals police are closing in on you as we speak. We have to be protected from people who want pictures of squid sex. ;-)

Not necessarily squid... Just tentacles.

More squiddy Spilliria getting in the way of the WIP again?

How long is it going to be before you get Illyria out of your system?

::mutter:: Why did I suggest Twelve Days?::

Ol' Squiddly Diddly has yet to be satisfied. I am resisting, I am!


Squiddly Diddly has yet to be satisfied.

But . . but . . but

the boy has stamina - he can go on, and on and on and . . .you get the picture.

Have you got a picture? I could ask Sock Monkey at CDS. She used to be a zoo keeper (I kid you not).

::mutter:: Why did I suggest Twelve Days?::

To try and distract her from the squid sex?

I thought it was the other way around. She started the squid obsession somewhere around the time of the seduction scene in the Epilogue, I seem to recall.

Heh. You still listen to Mansun, too?

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